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Looking for an upgrade from the sennheiser hd 598.

  1. Goobertastic
    I'm looking for a pair of open headphones at 500 or less that pair well with a marantz cd 5004 and an Asgard 2. I listen mainly to classical and jazz and my listening sessions are usually an hour or more so comfort would be a definite plus. Thank you.
  2. AnalogSavior
    I found the HD600 to be a great upgrade from the HD598.  Better resolution and clarity, with better extension on both ends.  If it wasn't for fit issues, I would have kept mine. 
    They clearly sounded better.
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  3. Goobertastic
    I was thinking about those. how would the 600s compare to the 650s though
  4. AnalogSavior
    I find them more similar than they are different.  They are maybe a touch more laid back depending on what amp your using.  I don't think they are worth the extra money personally, but if you really, really want that slightly lusher sound, go for it.  I feel the HD600 is the best value in audiophile headphones.
    I tend to agree with the reveiws by Tyll at innerfidelity, so check out this article, it might help you decide.
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  5. oxygen1
    Also upgraded from HD598 to HD600. They are just as comfy as HD598, bit more heavy, can wear them forever.
    Do not listen much jazz, but for classic orchestra music they are absolutely gorgeous. 

    As I experience issues with open headphones lately (noisy environment both at work and home), i absolutely will never let HD600 go anywhere ever [​IMG] 
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  6. AnalogSavior
    I wouldn't call them as comfortable as the HD598, but they are definitely comfortable enough for extended use as long as you don't have fit issues like I did.
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  7. oxygen1
    Yes, they cant match HD598 exactly, but in the same league of comfy hp heaven.
    What kind of fit issues did you have?
    Just ordered Etymotic ER4 which are surely problematic for 70% of the earth population [​IMG], not sure how HD600 could be troublesome.
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  8. AnalogSavior
    I had a few pressure points on the tips on my ears. They caused a bit of irritation and since I wear my headphones 6+ hours a day it was a deal breaker.

    But I seem to be in the minority when it comes to HD600 fit.

    I found Etys to be comfortable enough though. Ear shapes are weird that way.
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  9. zanox
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  10. AnalogSavior
    I know I didn't realize how forward the HD598 was until I had a chance to A/B them with the HD600.  I'm gonna have to disagree though.  Compared to the HD600, the HD598s are grainy and a touch shouty (though nothing like the K702 which I also got to A/B).  The biggest improvements with the HD600 is the resolution, smooth transition, tonal balance, and lack of grain.
    For example, on Rebecca Pidgeon's  Spanish Harlem, the HD598 image well and place the maracas correctly in the soundstage, but with the HD600 I could pick out every little motion they made.  It wasn't subtle.
    the HD598s are good, but the HD600s are just better in every category, which made getting rid of them harder. [​IMG]
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  11. Goobertastic
    Thanks for everyone's suggestions I'll definitely check out the 600s and I'm keeping the 598s just in case something were to happen. I'm sorry to hear about the fitting issue I'm just curious what do you use now?
  12. AnalogSavior
    As you can see from my sig, I'm still using my HD598s. I've decided to bypass the mid price offerings and got straight to end game. I'm saving up for some HD800s, or maybe Audezes if I don't find them too heavy for extended use.
  13. zanox

  14. Guitarkid

    It sounds like you didn't like the K702 then? I have a pair the HD 598 and was thinking about getting the K 702. Would a K 702 be a good upgrade or not?
  15. AnalogSavior
    Its not that I didn't like them, its that I liked the HD598 better.  I put the HD598 and the K702 in the same tier.  They have different sound signatures, but from a technical stand point (at least to my ears) they were equivalent.  Same amount of detail, about the same sound stage size, and the same level of refinement.  The K702 just had a more forward upper-mids/lower-treble.  My only complaint is that the more forward frequency range gives it a false sense of detail, but when you actually try to pick out and pinpoint those details, its no better than the HD598.  I found the HD600 to be more detailed, even with its less forward treble.
    Since I didn't find it to be an upgrade, and I preferred the HD598 sound signature better, I decided to get rid of the K702 and keep the HD598.  So long story short, I don't consider it an upgrade, but more of a side-grade to a different sound signature in the same tier of headphones.

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