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Looking for an upgrade from my Klpisch Image S4

  1. Wallmott
    I have used a pair of Klipsch Image S4 for about a year now and i have been pretty happy with them. A few weeks ago i started to have some problems with the cable and now one of the speakers wont work at all. So im looking for a new pair of earphones.
    I really enjoyed the sound of the S4 so im looking for something similar but better. Could someone give me some recommendations?
  2. yliu
    Sennheiser IE8, it's also very bassy but more on the midbass (if I remember correctly, cuz I don't own the S4) and the mids and highs are much better than the S4.
    Especially the highs, because I think the S4 really lacks in the quantity and quality of the treble, but the IE8 does it really well.
  3. Koopa989
    what is your budget?
    any other information like what you used the S4's with and what you like to listen to would help too.
  4. Wallmott
    I would say that my budget is 400$ max.
    Im mostly listening to classic rock musik like Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones etc and most of the time im going to use the earphones with my Ipod.
  5. singh
    What exactly did you like about the S4. what are the expectations for the new IEM you want?
    I have the Image S4 and have upgraded to TF10(sold)  /RE262/ FX700.
    If youn really like th S4 Bass (in every way ) ..i would suggest you go for TF10 ...is better in every way, compared to the image S4 Treble is al lot more detailed then the S4. 
    My current favorites  are FX700 they have somewhat warm signature with great frequency response and very good sub-bass response. They have much better soundstage than any IEM i have tried.
    So finally tell us what type of sound do you prefer so that, for any further comments.
  6. jaqueh
    what are u going to be doing with your old s4s?

  7. calipilot227
    If you've got up to $400 to burn, I'd recommend the Shure SE425. Overall a very warm sound signature with good bass and excellent detail. They're also some of the most comfortable IEMs you can find. Another recommendation would be the Westone 3 (it has 3 drivers while the SE425 has 2). Great comfort, great sound. Both of these IEMs, however, are worn over the ear (some people don't like it. I personally prefer it because it virtually eliminates microphonics).
  8. singh
    and BTW, send the S4 to Klipsch for free replacement /repair , Klipsch has 2 year warranty as i remember. 
    Once you disclose what exactly did you like about the klipsch,  then only any suggestions can be given. 

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