Looking for Amp for DT990's
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Dec 11, 2013
Looking to buy an amp for my Beyerdynamics DT 990's. So far, I've been using the Asus Xonar DG headphone Amp & PCI 5.1 audio soundcard. Gets to good-ish volume, but it never gets past a certain point. It has a smart volume boost for low audio files, but it adds A LOT of static. 
Also, I heard the headphone can get improved SQ with an amp. I thought an amp's only purpose was to bring out the volume for high OHM headphones. Can someone explain this a bit better? Still kinda entry level. Only owned one other expensive cans and that was the Soundmagic HP150's.
Budget is ~$100. If sound quality does indeed improve, not just get louder, then I'll up the budget to ~$200.
I'm also looking to buy from a dealer, not second hand or used. Currently looking at Schitt Magni, Schitt Vali, and O2 amps

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