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Looking for Amp+DAC for AH-D7000 and also need new headphone (basshead)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xthakila, Aug 26, 2010.
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  1. xthakila
    I need an amp and DAC to bring out the true sound and bass of my Denon Ah-d 7000 and 595's and the next headphone I purchase. I was also looking for a pair of Headphones which complemets the heavy bass of the D7000's.
    For Bass heavy headphones-
    I have heard good things about the DT990's 600 OHM version or Ultrasone 580's any others you guys can think of. Or is the HF2 a good bet.
    Also looking at Stax SR404 (not really much bass from what I gather but I figure maybe the Denon's have enough base)
    For Amps -
    Lokking at the Zeus http://www.stereotimes.com/acc120999.shtml as well. How much do you guys think this is worth?
    1) EF5
    2) Audio-Gd Fun
    3) Mapletree Ear+HD
    4) Woo 6
    5) iBasso D10
    These were some I was looking at not much info on them
    6) Meixing MINGDA MC34-B Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier
    7) Little Dot MK VIII SE
    8) Yaquin amp
    9) Xiang Sheng 768A
    In terms of DAC's -
    Please recommend
    My budget for the AMP + DAC is $800
    Headphone Budget is $350-400
    If you could also recommend a portable AMP
    Amp is preferably Hybrid though I am open to tube or solid
    PS - I don't mind chinese amps.
    I am also looking for a good ipod dock lol (I know this is sort of off topic but I thought I would get a general opinion)
    1) Pioneer Electronics Audition Series XW-NAS3 Docking Station for iPod
    2) Altec Lansing inMotion MIX iMT800 Portable Digital Boom Box for iPhone and iPod
    3) Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Loudspeaker Dock System for iPod (Silver/Black)
    (Trying to keep this below $350)
  2. xthakila
    So no one can help?
  3. xthakila
  4. Priyajeet
    The JVC DX1000s and the Sony MDR CD 3000 seem rather bass heavy.
    I am listening to the latter right now and have heard the former.
    They make you look like princess Leia though, and feel a bit warmish since they so puffy.
    Unsure though how they compare to the D7000, but I think they are better than ultrasone.
    They are better than my Ultrasone Pro 900.
  5. xthakila
    I am pretty sure the D7000 has more bass than those. Is there anything with more bass. what kind of AMP and DAC should I get? The JVC are nice though.
  6. xthakila
    so no one can help i am surprised...
  7. xthakila
    ok this is my last bump i wish someone would help
  8. HeatFan12 Contributor
    Hello x,
    You have a lot going on in that first post.
    You would like an amp + DAC $800 budget and a pair of bass heavy phones $350 budget.  If they are separate, would that $800 be the budget for both?
  9. xthakila
    Yes it is a combined budget of 800 can be extended to 900. Or I could buy a nice amp now wait a couple of months and then buy the DAC but if you could recommend both that would be great.
  10. Priyajeet
    You can also look into xb700 from sony
  11. xthakila
    the XB700 or the XB500 which one would you reccomend in terms of bass. Also what about the HF2.
  12. xthakila
    Why is no one helping?
  13. Skylab Contributor
    Hi xthakila, and welcome to head-fi.
    First of all, you need to relax a little.  Head-fi is not a forum where you will get hundreds of replies to your posts in less than a day.  It doesn't work that way here.  You will need to have a little patience. 
    Second, as HeatFan indicated, your post asks a LOT of questions.  You need to do some reading here on head-fi.  There are dozens of threads directly related to what you're asking.
    As for my advice, the D7000 are great headphones.  They have plenty of bass.  If you really want more bass, you might consider looking for a Lisa III amp (which is a "portable", but a very good and powerful one) as it has a very well implemented variable bass boost.  This was you can get exactly as much bass from your D7000 as you want.
    Best of luck.
  14. Currawong Contributor
    You need to have much more patience.  Also, you need to search the forums.  There are a huge number of threads with "bass" and "basshead" in their titles.  Click on the "titles only" option in the Advanced Search and select the full-sized headphones forum. You can also search Head-fi with Google. Type in: basshead site:head-fi.org for example.[​IMG]
    Edit: Skylab beat me to it, mostly.
  15. xthakila
    cheers input would be appreciated specially on the amps and the new headphone I am looking to pick up. Also what are your thoughts on the HF-2
    What are your thoughts on the Zeus amp, EF5 (hybrid) and the mapletree amp or the lisa III as mentioned by Skylab or the Woo 6 or the (pure tube) Little Dot MK VIII SE.
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