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Looking for all-day comfort and long-term durability in a closed can (around $100).

  1. smirnoff04
    Sennheiser HD 598 Cs
    SoundMAGIC HP151
    Audio-Technica ATH-A550Z
    HyperX Cloud II

    I have these on my shortlist since I can get them in Canada for a reasonable price through Amazon. People seem to credit them for their all-day comfort... but can anyone speak to the long-term durability? I got 10 years of daily use out of my DT770's, and they were very comfortable imo. I'd like to find something just as robust (and comfy) if possible.

    Sound Quality would only be a secondary priority (though still important). I could go DT770 again, but would like to try something new tbh.

    $100 is ballpark, but if you can think of something particularly Comfy and tank-like, throw it out there even if it seems quite out of my budget.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2018
  2. serman005
    In my view, the HP151 is the best sounding of those you list and it is much more durable than the predecessor HP150 was. I also like the M40X for durability at its price-point. Both the M40X and the HP151 are comfy in my opinion. FWIW.
  3. catscratch Contributor
    I like the Sony V6 (aka 7506) for around $100, though I'm not sure it will be quite as comfy as your Beyers. But I had one on my head for a while and it was pretty good, and they're basically industry standard studio headphones and should be near indestructible. They're diffuse field EQ so a little bit bright but otherwise the sound is quite good. Just don't get the V600, that's a different (and inferior) headphone.
  4. smirnoff04
    Thanks for these suggestions guys, I'll read up about them.
  5. Cruelhand Luke
    I was also going to say the Sony MDR 7506. Brainwavz recently came out with a line of pads for them so you can easily upgrade the pads if the stock ones don't suit you. I have a set of Fidelio L2 pads on my 7506, they are perfect. They sound great, they can be improved with some simple mods and they are really durable.
    They are a well designed package, very comfortable and light....a great all around headphone.
  6. smirnoff04
    Aftermarket pads seem like a great way to tweak the comfort level thanks!

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