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Looking for AK100, W4R, DT880, MDR7550, and more to trade with: T PEOS H-200(Hybrid), HD598, DT1350, Magni, D3. Willing to sell too. Shoot me with offers

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by kimvictor, Jun 21, 2013.
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  1. kimvictor
    For Trade
    I'm looking for a MDR7550 or W4R or any Mid/Treble centric iems and headphones.
    I will trade very favorably for: MDR7550, W4R, DT880, T70, HE400, and AK100
    I'm open to other offers, so feel free to offer anything in the right price range.
    AK100 for two(possibly three) of these headphones/iem+Magni+D3. I may also be interested in Fiio X3.
    I'm willing to give up:
    HD598 and/or DT1350 and/or H-200
    +free T PEOS B-100
    +free E7 and/or possibly Schiit Magni or Cowon D3
    Also willing to combine headphones, if you want to offer something more expensive(W4R, HE400, AK100, etc).
    Shipping is from Korea. Willing to ship to anywhere. If you really want to buy them, you can PM me about pricing(H-200 is not for sale). I don't mind the trader sending the iem through cheap slow shipping. I will use EMS, which takes 3-5 days, and ship within 3 business days. I can also add something like Magni or cowon D3 in place of shipping and E7. Feel free to shoot me with offers.
  2. kimvictor
    Bump. Also willing to trade my DT1350 for those hps.
  3. kimvictor
    Also added T PEOS H-200(I'm only willing to give it up for good offers, though).
  4. Lifted Andreas
    How about my Yamaha EPH100 or Zero Audio Carbo Tenore + Brainwavz HM5 for your H200s?
  5. kimvictor
    Hmm. I was looking for something bit more high end... I'm sorry.
  6. kimvictor
    Sorry mate. I really don't want to have many low-mid fi iems/headphones.
  7. Lifted Andreas

    Fair enough.

    Although I hope your expectations aren't too high. Just saying coz EPH100 + HM5 equals around same value as H200.
  8. kimvictor
    I know. It's not about the value. I just don't want to have more headphones(I'm trying to cut down some numbers) as it's a pain to store them and carry them around(I travel internationally often).
  9. kimvictor
    Sorry to everyone that was interested. I've decided to deal locally. Thanks for anyone who had showed interest! I may sell my H-200 though.(still thinking)
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