Looking for a wireless Apt-X headset
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Jun 2, 2012
This is my first post here although I've been around reading stuff. :)
You certainly are a knowledgeable crowd!

I'm in the market right now for a pair of bluetooth headphones with apt-x support and good noise isolation / cancellation. A wired option is a must.

I have narrowed down my choices to the following:
Sennheiser PX 210 BT
Sennheiser PXC 310 BT
Sennheiser PX 360 BT

These are the only good ones fitting into my budget. Eliminated Jaybird after reading poor reviews.
Can someone help ne choose between the above? My question is whether the PX 210 will isolate sound well enough, as I travel by bus daily in noisy traffic. Maybe the PXC 310 can help with that, with its active noise cancellation, but it is the on-ear type so will noise spill through from the outside? The PX 360 seems to be an excellent option, coming in cheaper than the 310. If someone can confirm that the over-ear design does isolate noise really well like traffic and aeroplane hum, I'll buy it in a jiffy. Seems to be more comfortable, too.

My source will be my Apt-x enables smartphone over bluetooth and my laptop over wires. Type of music is really varied.

Reviews of headsets are really sparse, and that pushed me to post here. Awaiting your replies eagerly! :)

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