Looking for a subwoofer for my M-Audio AV42 Speakers
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Mar 4, 2014
Hey guys.
So i just upgraded my logitech 2.1 PC speakers with the M-Audio AV42.A big difference in sound,can't even compare them.But i miss the low end.They get pretty loud,the bass is tight and punchy,but i think a sub would really make things better.I also have a Fiio E10K,and i have connected the speakers to it.Sound is really awesome.
So far im looking into the Dayton Audio Sub-800,or the Martin Logan Dynamo 300.Both are 8" which i think is enough for my not too big living room.Both have good reviews and fit my budget,which is $200 max.What do you think about these subs,can you recommend something else,and do you think they will be a good adition to the AV42's.
Also i have another question about the connections.I have connected the speakers with the 3.5mm cable to the E10k.When i get a sub,i connect the sub to the active speaker with RCA to RCA cable and thats it,or im missing something?

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