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Looking for a specific wireless headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by liver, Nov 4, 2012.
  1. Liver
    Looking to get some wireless "surround" headphones.  I know, I know, believe me.  Its only to watch movies.
    I've had a Pioneer set for years and I really really like them.  We moved and have a dedicated AV closet to have the main viewing area very minimal.  What that means is I need a headset that uses radio frequency instead of line of sight (which the Pioneers are).
    1.  Needs to be radio frequency.
    2.  Needs to decode digital signals (the myriad of Dolby stuff) which means it must have an optical input.  Its an equipment issue, that is why I need optical (Apple TV).
    3.  Needs to have an auxiliary headphone out to connect wired headphones to it.  Wife uses the wireless, and with my headphone snobbery, I use the wired solution.
    I was looking at the Sony 6500 and they do not have #3.  I was looking at the Senn offerings and they do not have #2.  I looked at the Sony 7500 and they are way over kill, and I don't need any HDMI inputs.
    So I've been using the Turtle Beach offerings, the PS3/XBOX gaming headphones.  The audio quality is lacking, but all the criteria are met.  I'm okay keeping them, but just asking if there is another product out there that I am missing?

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