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Looking for a set similar in sound to the HD 280 Pro but with slightly less deep bass.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by trantalocked, Aug 27, 2014.
  1. TrantaLocked
    I really like the 280s bought today, though I just wish it had a few decibels less deep bass (the headroom chart shows it has a hump from 20-50Hz).
    Any pairs, particularly Sennheiser, out there with a very similar but with slightly less deep bass? Also, anything around $100 or less.
  2. TrantaLocked
    Bump for help on this? Wondering if the Shure SRH440 or Sony MDR (7506 or V6) would fit what I am looking for. Again, the 280s have a perfect response until you hit 60 Hz and below. There is a sub bass hump that adds a bit too much of a bloated feel to everything else on the spectrum. 
  3. Head Injury
    Do you have access to an EQ? It's worth fixing the problems of a headphone you otherwise like.
    If not, InnerFidelity has great headphone measurements you can check out to try to find a match. They have the HD280, SRH440, and MDR-V6. Going purely by these, the SRH440 has a signature closer to the HD280, but no telling if you'll like it (or maybe you'll like it more!)
    Also note the large shifts in sub-bass with the pads of the HD280 placed in different ways (that's the grey lines which are averaged and compensated to make the red/blue ones. Maybe all it will take to fix your bass is to find a positioning you like? Try loosening the seal on your ears.
  4. TrantaLocked
    I might check either out, though the pads on the Sony's look a bit thin.
    I did figure out that it wasn't just the subass. No matter how much I lowered subass on the EQ, I wasn't getting what I expected. So I realized it wasn't just bass in relation to higher freqs, but something wrong with the balance in the mid or upper range. I saw on the 280 graph that there is a sudden decline around 3Khz, while the decline is not as steep on the HD 201. I increased 4K and it helped somewhat, but as always, EQing just causes music to sound like it has holes in it. I need a more accurate EQ, with like 100+ bands.

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