Looking for a really Good MP3 Player for listening to Trance,Dance, and Techno with Great Sound Quality.
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Jan 28, 2013
Hello everyone here. I'm new to this forum but I have searched around on-line for answers and this forum on this site seem to be the BEST for finding my answers. I'm looking for a really good MP3 with really good sound quality. Something with really good bass and sound clarity. I've been hearing that Sony's brands are really good though there is no SD slots on there MP3 players.
I hear Cowon brands are also good. Also the fact that there MP3 players do have a SD card slot. I really looking for sound quality and easy menu functions. Something to where you can custom your Album and sort songs by Genre etc. I like Sony's S-Master MX and clear bass and for Cowon I like there JetEffect 5.0. My choice in a Good MP3 player is mainly Great sound and bass for listening to my trance,techno,dance, and club tracks. I'm looking for suggestions on choices to say as I'm to the point of pulling my hair out searching and guessing. So I'm asking the pros for help here. What do you suggest? Sony or Cowon or something else? Thanks for any help you can provide.
Choices sofar
Sony NWZ-A865BLK
 Cowon D3
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Hey, I'd strongly recommend getting a Cowon player, the Jet Effect 5.0 is amazing. Also, most Cowon's should have an X-Bass setting which really cranks up the bass and your songs will start thumping, everytime I let a friend try my Cowon X9 with the X-Bass setting, they can't help but let out a smile.
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Welcome to the forum LegendaryGamerJ. Something that makes a big difference in your choice is the type of headphones you intend to use. Depending on whether you're using earbuds/IEMs/Full size headphones and their grade is a major factor in the media player selection. One thing we always see time and again is the desire for very high audio quality. This narrows the selection choice as high grade electronics are both expensive and many players are compromised in the sound quality area.
I really looking for sound quality and easy menu functions.
This unfortunately is difficult as many high sound quality players have terrible interfaces. Your decision also depends on whether sound quality is an accurate depiction of the recording or filtering of certain frequencies to attain pleasing sounds. Cowon players tend to fall into the latter catergory. Great battery life from a small power source but certain compromises have to be made to achieve this. If you like tayloring sounds then they have merits but true sound quality suffers. Other players are more suited to over the ear headphones. They tend to have shorter battery lifes which is inconvenient and tend to be more expensive and offer fewer features. An IEM type player doesn't sound ideal with full size headphones and a hi-fi player is not ideal with IEMs. I don't know but it must partly be to do with the differences in impedance between IEMs and full headphones. Whether you are going to use an amplifier is also another consideration as well as the ultra factor of $$$.
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  Hisound Audio's Studio V 3rd Anniversary is excellent with that type of music... Dynamic, with clarity, good bass, lovely highs ande wonderful midrange. I love house and trance on my Studio 3rd with Sennheiser IE80s...

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