Looking for a portable, sturdy pair of headphones
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Oct 29, 2012
Hopefully, this is the right place to post such requests.
I'm looking for a pair of on-the-go headphones. I'd consider over-the-ear or in-ear, although the second category usually (from what I've seen) comes with a thin, thin, not-so-sturdy cable. here's what I'm looking for in a pair:
  1. Awesome, clear, detailed sound. I'm no bass-head, and will prefer details over excessive volume in that area, especially if that would be a trade-of in the mid-range and trebles
  2. Should be a good overall pair, genre-wise. They're going to go through electronica, rock, pop, jazz, soundtracks, bluegrass, ambiance and about everything else I might encounter
  3. Relatively low resistance. Should be able to get a decent amount of juice from an iPhone without an amp
  4. Sturdy. Preferably, with a separable cable - one that you plug into the headphones, not an integral one (as with the Goldring DR150)
  5. Mobile. Should be at least foldable into an ~A5 notebook-sized messenger bag
  6. Insulating to some degree. Mainly as a consideration of the people around me
  7. At the $75-$175 range
So far I've had the pleasure to have a Grado SR-80i, a Goldring DR150 and a Hifiman Re-Zero, all of which I vastly enjoyed. Anything at their level or sound characteristics could be nice, especially of any of the first two.
Thank you very, very much,
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Seems i am gonna to make somebody uncomfortable. I recommend Bose ae2 based on your every requirement, an extremely comfortable headphone and provides good isolation. I knew it's not popular in head-fi. Anyway, comfort and isolation are the priority for a portable headphones. Music is for us to enjoy. No way to endure wearing a uncomfortable headphone when listening to your favourtite songs. And, without good isolation, there's no difference between hd800 and 10 dollars stuff when u are in the bus. In addition, ae2 can provide acceptable sound quality, even though it's not the best one in this price range.
PS: If you only consider the sound quality on a portable headphone, skip ae2 and pick another one. 

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