Looking for a portable entertainment setup. Tab+batterypack+cans
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Jun 16, 2015
I almost died from boredom twice this weekend when i had to take the ferry for four hours each trip(no cell coverage on the ferry). So now i have to make sure i have a setup to entertain me in those seldom situations.
I'm thinking of just getting a set of cans for the phone and a battery-pack for it and one of those weird cables that lets you connect a usb memory-stick to a android-device. That way i can watch some movies.
I'm just as happy watching a movie on the small phone i have but i might buy a tablet if i can find a steal for the money, or steal one:p
I rather buy used or something that's BFTB contrary to high-end.
So questions, is there s sure way to connect both a battery-pack and a usb memory-stick to a phone(it's a Samsung Trend Plus)?
Whats a good set of cans for traveling with?
Whats a good battery-pack?
Anything else you want to recommend me?
Best regards
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So i just ordered a powered USB OTG cable from DX for like 4usd so i can test if it works on my phone. From what i read it supports externally powered USB OTG.
I already have some flashdrives i can test to see if it works.
I also found a used Fidelio X1 for 123USD, is that a fair price and would they be OK cans for traveling with? Idk how much you can fold them for storage.
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I also just got a "bricked" Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 for free, turns out it wasn't totally bricked. Cleaned the ports, removed the micro SD and carged it over night and it popped back into existence=)
I guess all i need now is a batterypack and a pair of cans if anyone wants to recommend, and maybe a carryingcase for all these items.
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$123 for the X1 is a great price. Not any good for portable use, though, as they are open headphones.

I've had good luck with Anker and Ravpower battery packs.
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Already ordered a batterypack that got great feedback from testers. Some Xiaomi thingie or something. Should be 16000mA. But thanks for the feedback=)
Now im torn between two headphones, the M50x's or the JVC HA-SZ2000, both are foldable and both are nice to look at. In the meantime il be using a set i got for free from a friend, something he bought at the grocerystore:p
I could mod the ATH-AD900x's to have a detatchable cable, that way i could use em when i travel, the stock cable is clamped behind the desk and is beyond usable in public.

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