Looking for a portable amp for my new headphones (budget: $300)
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May 14, 2019

I recently purchased a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PROs and am loving them. I'm currently driving them with a FiiO Q1 Mk2 but I'm not sure whether it's sufficiently powerful enough for 250ohm headphones. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the theory regarding headphones/amp matching, e.g. impedance (headphone and output), sensitivity, damping, etc, but I'm a little confused at this point.

If I had any complaints with the 1770's sound, I'd say that the bass lacks a little bit of control/definition and maybe the treble is a little harsh, and from what I've been reading, these are the first things to suffer when the headphones aren't being driven sufficiently.

Do you guys/gals think upgrading my amp is worth it with these headphones? Afaik, their sensitivity is rated at 103dBm which maybe means that they're easy to drive and maybe the Q1 Mk2 is sufficient? If not, are there some other amps you could recommend I look at?

My budget is around $300 but I'm happy to go higher if you think it's truly worth the push. I've been looking at the FiiO A5, Chord Mojo and the iFi xDSD/xCAN. Portability is pretty much essential as I take my headphones with me between home and the office. I don't really need wireless functionality but it would be a nice extra.

I primarily listen to EDM (house/trance) and other electronic music, but not exclusively.

Thanks. :)

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