Looking for a pair of headphones similar to the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset but better. I've got up to $200 to spend
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Jul 29, 2014
I love the PlayStation headset. It just works and sounds good to me. I love that I can plug the little bluetooth dongle into my PC, PS4 or Xbox and it will just work. I'm looking for a headset that is similar but I have more cash to spend this time so I'd love a quality headset that does all the things the PlayStation headset can do, but with better sound and build quality.
The build quality is about the only thing I don't like with the PlayStation headset. I don't know if my head is too big or what, but the left side broke right above where you can adjust the length of the set and I had to tape it up with duct tape. Now it doesn't sit on my head right. And the other side is starting to crack now, too.
So can someone recommend me a headset that does all the things the PlayStation one does, and with good build quality and great sound quality? Like I said I can spend up to $200.

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