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Looking for a pair of Bass Heavy Earphones.

  1. Scrivs
    Hi all,

    I have a question and this seemed to me the best place to find some answers :p But let me start from the beginning first...

    Little less then a year ago I bought the V-Moda Bass Freq's because I heard and read that they had some massive bass (which was definitely true to be honest). I was very pleased with the earphones untill the left earphone broke (probably a broken cable, which wasnt that surprising cuz the cables of the Bass Freq's are ridiculously thin), and the earphone would only produce sound when I wiggled the cord... so I returned it and received a new pair after 2 weeks or so. This new pair definitely lasted longer, but again.. it broke, and this happened just a few days ago :S.
    I'm proper mad right now cuz I expected them to be way more durable considering the price I paid for them. But anyway... I'm looking for something else now, cuz buying a new pair of Bass Freq's would definitely be a waste of my money, they are simply just not worth it.
    The problem is that I rly cant decide what other pair of earphones I want to buy now... mostly beacause I dont rly know what amount of bass they can produce, compared to the Bass Freq's.

    I mostly listen to bass-heavy electronical music so I rly need a pair of earphones that can produce alot of bass, listening to that type of music with earphones that lack bass is just completely useless.

    What I'm looking for in a pair of earphones is:
    - They must have a whopping bass response, ofcourse, and preferably an amount of bass that can match, or even top the bass performance that the Bass Freq's have. The other sounds also need to be nice and clear ofcourse, but the bass is what I'm looking for.
    - They have to be durable. I dont want to waste any more of my money on earphones that dó have great bass but *** build quality. I'm mostly worried about the cables, getting a broken cable which results in cracking noises is very annoying.
    - My budget is around 50/60/70 euro's (I live in Holland), so I would want them to be somewhere in that price-range.

    I'm just looking the best pair of earphones within my budget that produces the best amount of bass, is durable enough, and the other sounds also have to be nice and clear.

    The earphones that have caught my interest atm are:
    - JBL Reference 220
    - Denon AHC551
    - s-JAYS Siren Armature
    - Beyerdynamic DTX60
    - Shure E2c (though this one is a bit too pricey for me in some stores, but if it will definitely be the best available in this price range I might be willing to pay their price for it.)

    I hope that any of you could give me some more feedback on these earphones and tell which pair you think will suit me the best.
    I'm rly having a hard time deciding which pair of earphones would be the best for me, its hard because there is no way I can compare any of the earphones listed above to the V-Moda Bass Freq's which rly served me well (sound wise).
    And I hope you can help me with that.

    I hope that you will have some answers to my questions, not being able to listen to my favourite music everyday on school or in the train is just hell for me :p I just want to be sure that I buy the right thing, and not that I waste my money again on fragile earphones that break after a month of using.

    Thanks in advance :wink:


    PS: Sorry for my broken English sometimes. As I said, I live in Holland :p But I hope you can still understand what I'm trying to say here.
  2. Jon115
    add Shure SE115s to the list
  3. shaun_g
    The SoundMAGIC PL11 is a really bass heavy earphone and although well below your budget compares well with many much more expensive earphones.

    The Shure SE115 is a good choice also. It's very similar to the SE110, but with a different (more bass heavy) driver.

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