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looking for a over ear closed sounding pair of headphones

  1. callecal
    Hi, Im new here...looked through some posts but thought I might ask my question, hope it is not asked very frequently!
    So my bose triport just broke :frowning2: I know, people around here seem to hate them but they did what I wanted them to do so im happy.
    I am looking for a good pair of over ear headphones, or "in earbuds"
    What I want is something that shuts out the surrounding noise (cant afford noise cancellation as I tried it but did not thought it was worth the price)
    It seems like the better earphones get the more "airier" they get, which I dont want!
    I also tried in earbud but they all seem to lack the open sound off over earphones, also mid range is awful in the ones I tried...but if there is one good enough that'd be great because of the small size!
    Hope Im making any sense since english is not my language and im not familiar with these terms
    // Cal
  2. micgao
    Try the RE0, they lack bass but their overall clarity is great. If you want a warmer sound, try the Sony MDR EX500, they are under-rated IEMs in my point of view and I think they're great.
    But I didnt quite understand do you want "fullsize" headphones or IEMs?
  3. Pianist


    Hifiman RE0 does not lack bass when amped properly and inserted properly into the ears with the right tips. I recommend waiting for the upcoming RE-ZERO. It will be easier to drive and is supposedly even more balanced and detailed than the RE0. It should be out very soon.
  4. callecal
    ok, IEM I suppose is what I called "inear buds" like I said, im not familiar with these terms [​IMG]
    But no, I would rather have over ear headphones. Comfortability is very important for me as sometiemes I use them towards 6 hours, and I have not found "IEMs" to be very comfortable after an hour. But due to its small size and how it closes off the "outside sound" I would love to find a comfortable pair!
    This is what I loved with the triport, sooo comfortable!
    So I am looking for a comfortable over ear headphones that closes off "outside sound" for less than 150$ prefferably.
  5. Pianist
    I think Shure SRH750 DJ may be what you are looking for. They are the best closed headphone I've heard for about $150 and under for use without an amp. They will sound great out of portable players.
  6. dweaver
    Ear buds are not comfortable but most IEM's can be very comfortable once you get the right tip, also many are a shallow IEM which have even less comfort problems.
    For IEM's I would say the MP4Nation M2 / ViSang R03 is affordable, comfortable, and will have some similarities as your Bose but with nicer more detailed mids and treble.
    For over ear you can look at the Shure SHR440 (more balanced), JVC HAM750 (bassy sound, very comfortable with memory foam in the cushion, this one will have some similarities bass wise to your Bose), Denon D1001 or if you are in the US and can go to Costco possibly Creative Labs Auravana Live (D1001 rebadged) if they have stock as they sell for around $50 which is a great price.
  7. callecal
    Thanks alot, the Shure SHR440 looks very interesting. Just gotta find a place to try them first!
    Thing with IEMs is that you cannot obviously try them, and I believe you dweaver when you say they can be comfortable with the right tip, But I am not willing to buy lots of them and see which one is nice. I do try my friends though when they have them :)

  8. MusicalChillies


    I 2nd that. If I didn`t look like a freak I would of kept them.
  9. LiveAndLetDie
    if you want 'em closed AND small, then you could try the PX-200 II's. Great for portability, and I've heard some cases in which the headband on the 750 DJ's break, and they're pretty uncomfortable too, not a good idea if you're coming from the triports, which IMO are very comfortable.

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