Looking for a new phone as a source for my amp->IEMs
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Apr 6, 2008
Hello there!

I know, I know, I should be looking at another forum for phone advices but this one is more related to audio and music that anything else.

My current portable gear consists of an iRiver T10 (good, old trustworthy companion), a FiiO E5 and some Hifiman (Head Direct) RE0 with which I was quite happy up 'till a week ago or so. The player seems to tell me that it needs to be replaced. A few days in a row it had moments when it refused to start, now I cannot put any music on it. Maybe a reflash would give it a new youth but I want to play it safe and start looking for a replacement... just in case it dies.

Well although there were times when I was a big supporter of "one device per function" way, time, laziness and way of life has thought me that "one device that does it all" might be better. Right now I have a Nokia E52 that might do the job, but... it's like a tin can! I might not be THE audiophille but, it sounds worse than my old T10. Yes, it's a business phone, but... not even as a 5 year old player?

So I am looking forward to buy a new phone (I also got a kinda bored of this one so I might sell it) that sounds good, most likely an Android powered one (enough Symbian for me). But I have no clue as what audio quality might one offer. Better, worse than the T10, worse than the E52... I have never listened to one.
So I'm looking forward to find out opinions from those who use Android phones (the newer the better) as audio sources.
Thank you in advance!

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