Looking for a mobile alternative to my DT 770 pro
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Feb 20, 2013
Hello all !
I currently listen Spotify premium on my DT 770 pro 80 ohms combined with a iBasso d-zero mobile DAC, and everyday I transport it in my computer bag in the beyerdynamics case, which is quite big. I try to find a smaller alternative, since the case is too big. At the moment I only found the HFI 580 but its hardcase is only 3cm thiner and 1cm smaller. I mostly listen to trance but not only so a headphone with decent mid and treble plus deep bass and infrabass it what I am looking for. I have tried intra already, I only gained tinnitus.
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Bought and just received the HFI 580, with the turned hears this is much better for commuting in my bag and the sound is more balanced than my DT770 pro, well I guess that's a question of hears sensibility, a bit more clampy and with DT250 pads comfort is good enough for the whole day :) Am happy :D

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