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Looking for a headphone for portable use..

  1. aLm0sT
    I'm not very experienced when it comes to headphones.
    I was looking for a headphone for portable use (i.e. in the train or just on the go in general).
    Genres are mainly RnB/Soul, HipHop/Rap, Pop (modern stuff) but I do listen to Rock, Dance and some acoustic as well, depending on my mood. What's important for me is that it has a decent amount of solid and deep bass without being muddy. I do DJ every once in a while but just for fun.
    Was looking at the HD25-1 ii or some Ultrasones. Haven't been able to try any Ultrasones but I have tried the HD25 and I was very impressed with it's isolation as well as it's sound. I know it's favored by many people and is used for studio monitoring as well as dj-ing.
    Any other headphones you guys can recommend?

  2. AudioTroll
    really depends on your budget,beyerdynamic has a new one out 1335 I think its called.Audio-technica has the m-50 that gets good revius.
    german maestro has one that gets good revies to, dont remeber the model name.

    use searh :) itś a good freind of mine :)

    not to experianced myself,but I do love my HD-25's not heard any of the others,but read that they al have their pros and cons..
    best bet is to try and get to listen to a few more phones and see what you like.
  3. aLm0sT
    Yea well I don't live close to a store where I can try things out and atm I don't have the time to either.
    I know about the beyerdynamic DT1350 but I don't think that the HD25 would be a better suit for the kind of music I listen to.
    M50 look a bit too big for portable use and I think the cable was like 3 meters long or so.
    Don't know if they offer a shorter cable.
    As of right now HD25 is my choice. Would just like to be certain that there aren't any other headphones that would suit me better as I haven't had the chance to try out that many headphones myself.
  4. AudioTroll
    I say go for HD-25's :)

    2 real pros for portable use, they stay put on your head no mather what you do almost, and they are so rugged.:)
    I stepped on mine,biked over them,trown them around.acidentaly steped in to the shower whit them on.and they just keep taking it :D

    the cable did not survie the hedgetrimmer :/ but other than that they stod up to everything I threw at them.

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