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looking for a good step up from dt770 pro's.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tier one, Jan 24, 2012.
  1. ducker3
    love my DT770 - I picked up a Xonar DG to pair with it.  And the difference is quite noticable.  I'm not longer looking to have my audio output jacked up to near 100% and the sound is overall richer/fuller.  And that was just with an entry level sound card.
    I've the sounds I get out of them... i'm not a seasoned head-fi'er  but I wouldn't bother looking to upgrade your can's unless you've gone out and listened to a different pair that you enjoyed better then your current setup.  At least that's where I'm at now that I have my DT770's.  I may look to get a different set of open instead of closed, but I'll most likely go somewhere to listen to a could of different brands prior to making the buy.
  2. MrNurse


    I've been getting more and more interested with the dt770 especially the darth beyers..
    How do these compare to the dt990? I haven't heard much about the 990 as I do with the 770.
    I just hope I won't be unimpressed with the dt770 coming from the Pro 900's.
    Maybe I should get something that is positively a step above the Pro 900's...something with slightly darker highs, even bigger soundstage, and more sub-bass.
  3. DVDRey
    Yes, the D2000 or the pro900 are probably the best choice if you want better bass quality than the DT770. The pro900 require an amp to really shine, the D2000 is more efficient. Technically speaking, the pro900 is better imo but the D2000 is a better all rounder.
  4. camerri
    I would have recommended the PRO 900s as well but it will be tough to find a new pair in the $250-$300 range. Occasionally you will see them around $325, so not too far off. The PRO 750s have a similar sound to the 900s IMO. But if you can find the 900s at a good price, I would go with them.
  5. LithoJazoSphere

    Other than possibly Darth Beyers, I don't know if such a thing even exists.  Something like say, an LCD-2/3 is supposed to be a better headphone overall, but won't have as much bass.  Pretty much every other one in the top tier is going to be even more balanced in frequency response.
  6. stv014
    The DT990 is basically like an open version of the DT770 (not Darth, I do not know what those sound like). It has similar treble, clearer but still recessed mids, and also emphasized, but different bass (more mid- than sub-bass - the 770 peaks at about 40 Hz, while the 990 at about 100 Hz; also the 770 has an upper bass/lower mids dip at 210 Hz, as shown on the graph on the previous page).

    These respond well to equalization, though, and unlike most dynamic headphones, will handle loud bass with low distortion.
  7. Tier One
    hey guys, thanks for the replies, I think my last question would be this. Would it be smarter to go with the e9 and d5 off of my computer. Or go with just the e7, as I have been hearing that with low impedance headphones the d5 and e9 make them extremely loud, as I have stated before the volume I get straight off my iphone/hp stock soundcard is more than enough for me. What I am really looking for here is better sound quality in mostly the mids and deep bass.
  8. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Just using the E9 for now will make the headphones sound better.
    you could always add the E7s replacement in the future, The E17.
  9. stv014
    Or just get the E17 without the E9. It does not cost much more than the E9 with a low end DAC, and you get a better DAC, more functionality, and an amplifier that is well suited for your headphones. Do not expect a huge improvement, though, it will not fundamentally change how the headphones sound.

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