Looking for a good pair of closed cans to compliment the K601's
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May 6, 2009
Just wondering what people's thoughts were. I want a good pair of sealed headphones that would go well with the K601's. Portability isn't a factor, and I'd be driving them with a Travagan's White.

I also want phones with good bass presence, but I don't want overwhelming bass as I'll be using them to listen to wide range of music from classic rock to jazz to funk and reggae. Other than that, I'm looking to spend less than $200 (hopefully closer to $150). I won't be buying them for a while, but I figure I may as well begin researching now. Any input is welcome.
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Maybe something like the D1001's or even a pair of HD-25 II's could do you well. Have you looked at upgrading the opamp inside the white.....? I used to own a Red and it was a great little amp
I have read that the White lacks alot of bass presence over the other's, so you might want to look into a new opamp. Headphoneaddict wrote up a review on all 3 amps im quite sure and what opamp went well with the White.
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Originally Posted by Townyj /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Maybe something like the D1001's or even a pair of HD-25 II's could do you well. Have you looked at upgrading the opamp inside the white.....?

Actually, his review is largely what drove me to buy the White. I needed the combo, hence why I got the White over the Red, and I do plan to upgrade opamps eventually, but not at the moment (trying not to go nuts with upgrade-itis just yet, I've already burnt a considerable hole in my wallet

As far as the headphones, I will have to look into both of them. I've heard a little bit about the D1001's but I hear that it doesn't have very good isolation.
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The D1001 has excellent containment, but only average-to-poor blockage of outside sounds. However I find it (and the D2000) excellent alternatives to my K701 (haven't heard the 601's).

Denon really does make very good HPs.
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Do the D1001's really improve with an amp? Not that its a huge deal, but I'd prefer to use whatever I decide to buy with my amp rather than let it collect dust.
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Have you ever heard Ultrasones??? Their sound is not for everybody but my cousin has a pair of DJ1 Pros, a bit mid-range centric but for closed the sound stage is really good!
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Can anyone compare the D1001's to a pair of ATH-M50's? I'm curious to know how the two stack up when amped.
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I recommend the BeyerDynamic DT150. It has non peaky highs and a good soundstage, like the K601. The mids are also very pleasant.
The bass is a lot more than the K601, but never obtrusive.

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