Looking for a fun and engaging iem
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Dec 31, 2010
A few years ago, I bought the Spiral Ears SE5 Ultimate, thinking it would be my 'ultimate' iem for a long time to come. I guess I was wrong because for some reason these haven't been used a lot. A TOTL iem doesn't promise that you will like it, that's for sure. I can't say what my problem with them is though because they are technically close to perfect. Fit/isolation is perfect ofcourse and with the right kind of music they sound excellent but they can't get me head bobbing or toe tapping. They almost seem 'too perfect'.

I like the bass, maybe it could be stronger though. What I don't like is that the vocals seem so upfront (for me) and also that the treble could be more 'hot'. Maybe a reference sound isn't the most engaging for me.

So I'm looking for my next iem. I had a few, through the years. I had the Yamaha EP100 which are quite old now, but I found those quite boring with little treble extension. My most used at the moment is still the Dunu DN-1000 which I like a lot but for me the sound may be more 'agressive', for lack of a better word.

After reading I was thinking that a Campfire Audio Atlas would be a nice upgrade. Not sure about that though. It is a lot of money if I mistake myself again.

I listen to a lot of electronica music, but not exclusively. Also from pop to jazz and classical music..
I guess a warm or balanced sound signature isn't immediately what I'm looking for. Maybe a v-shaped sound signature would be better, which would complement my current SE5 Ultimate better.

So with this short summary, is there an iem you would recommend me?

I wrote down a short list like:

-Campfire Audio Atlas
-Campfire Audio Andomeda
-iBasso IT04 (seem to be very good, but maybe too balanced for me?)
-Dunu DK-3001

Correct me if I'm wrong though, every suggestion is very much appreciated, get me toe tapping :).

Source should be no problem, with a Hugo2.
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Feb 9, 2014
Maybe give the Legend X a go, it's extrememly engaging and easily the best IEM I've had so far. Out of the ones listed above, I have had the Andromeda, it's a great IEM but it could do with a bit more of a bass presence.

Enjoy the hunt :)
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Oct 6, 2016
Los Angeles
If you want something inexpensive, I like the Whizzer HE03 Kylin. It has a lively sound signature with just the right amount of big bass. It’s a nice package too with a nicely integrated cable. I like it better than my IBasso IT03 and my Fidue A83 (those are kind of old I know, but it shows what a few years does for change). Those are like $150. Kick ‘em around and enjoy without worrying about losing them too much.
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Sep 11, 2018
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IMR is releasing their new Zeneth (a more refined version of the R1) later this month that you can still get on preorder prices. Let me know if you want in and I'll get you the discount link.
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Feb 17, 2004
Toe-tapping and emotion are equally important as the sonics to me.
I just got a Campfire Atlas a few weeks ago. My first new headphone\iem in many years.
It is AWESOME. It makes my Shure SE846 sound small, cheap, and boring in comparison. (And they were boring compared to my modded JVC's, which is why I decided to get the Atlas.)
I don't understand why people call it a V sound-signature. The mids aren't quieter than the bass or treble. In fact, it sounds more like a full-range speaker \ live music than anything else I've heard so far. Great full-range speakers have huge, impactful bass. Live music is exciting. To my ears, much of the so-called neutral, reference, boring audio equipment is changing the music more than many of the few 'fun' high-end audio equipment items I've found. In my opinion.

I haven't heard any of the other IEM's you listed.

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