Looking for a DT 177X GO vs HD 598 comparrison
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Oct 24, 2015
I currently own the HD 598's and I have for a few years now, but I want something more expensive that's closed due to household background noise. Since I'm going closed I'm willing to pay the price for the 177X in hopes that the soundstage is even wider than the 598 or dt 770's. I've been mostly listening to rap/hip hop or electronic genres. I was wondering if anybody would know how much better (or in detail) the 177X is compared to the hd 598's in terms of soundstage... and just about everything else about headphones I suppose like comfort. I will not be running a dac/amp with these headphones, my pc should be able to power these just fine, but feel free to leave a suggestion for a dac/amp if you think it'll give the headphones more justice compared to my on board audio.
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It might help to know that make and model of the motherboard?
What is your max budget (headphones + DAC + amp)?
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It might help to know that make and model of the motherboard?
What is your max budget (headphones + DAC + amp)?
Motherboard is Maximus hero VII my max budget for headphones is around 500 but I'm most likely going to just go with the 177X GO as I've heard great things about it as a closed headphone. If i were to get a dac/amp then the max i'm probably willing to pay is 150, I know almost nothing about dac/amps so I wouldn't have a clue what would be good with these headphones.
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I haven’t heard the HD598 but I really like my 177X as a closed can and I think it’s a great choice. I owned the DT 770 briefly and I think I actually remember slightly preferring the 770 in terms of soundstage but the 177X still has a great soundstage for a closed can, and it has better imaging, separation, cleaner bass, more natural midrange and more relaxing treble though it can still get a tad gritty and sibilant on some recordings. But it doesn’t bother me as much as the 770 did, actually doesn’t bother me much at all. Overall they are warmer and more balanced sounding.

For amps, if desktop, all you should need is a JDS Labs Atom. If you want portable, I use mine with a Fiio Q1 Mk II.
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