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Looking for a Decent Pair of Headphones for Music and Gaming for around $300-$400 or less

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sharkasm, Apr 28, 2013.
  1. Sharkasm
    Hey guys! I'm kinda new here and I'm looking to step into the world of high-end audio to try and see what you guys have all been gloating about! [​IMG]
    Since $30 pair of Sennheiser IEM's broke, I guess it's a good excuse to start looking for a nice set of headphones, I'll be looking play some games and watch some movies with whatever I end up getting so I guess you should factor that into your suggestions! :)

    To be perfectly honestly I don't really know how I'd want them to sound like, I do listen to a lot of metal and rock/punk so I guess I should be looking for something that's detailed and 'fun' to listen to?

    I occasionally listen to EDM (electronic dance music) and some Dubstep so I guess some hard hitting bass would be pretty awesome too? 
    I've been eyeing a pair of Sennheiser HD 598's for around $280 at a local shop, so if there's anything that's better in my price range please let me know!

    I'll probably be using either a Galaxy S4 (the international version) or an iPhone 5 and custom built computer that I'll also be buying soon so I wouldn't mind recommendations on a soundcard as well! 
    I won't really be needing any isolation as I'll probably be using the 'cans I'll be getting in my room and the nosiest thing would probably be the computer I'll be build, so I guess it's a toss up between closed or open headphones.

    Just a question since I'll be playing games with the headphones I get as well, if I get an open one, would my friends be able to hear what I'm hearing through my headphones (I'll be attaching a microphone to the headphones) and thus cause echoing? 
  2. BillsonChang007

    Let me just share with you, my favorite open and closed headphone under $300 goes to AKG K550 and Sennheiser HD598! If I ever get to own these two, you will see me flying in the air round the world XD

    Anyway, for your case, HD598 is the best to me :D ! As for amp/DAC hmmmmm iBasso D7? They play excellently with both of these headphones XD if not, do feel free to take a good look at the FiiO E10!

    As for your last paragraph, my answer to that is, no. At least, not to me! Depends on how loud you play. If you play at extreme volume, then your friends will hear echo... Hehe

    Billson XD
  3. Sharkasm
    Thanks for the reply!
    I'll probably be buying a Fiio E11 and a Xonar DGX for my computer, would that be good? 

    Just curious, how are they for gaming on a scale out of 10?
    Anyone else care to chime in? :)
  4. BillsonChang007

    As long as you are no basshead, HD598 is a very good pair of headphone for all types of jobs from music to movie to gaming! I would rate 9/10 for gaming although I do not game much but the soundstage are spacious! It brings all the sound to live with the colored mids! For movie, it does have that artificial sound for the vocals that I have with most headphones. Lastly, I like HD598 with most genre of music that I listen to although I prefer some bass (although I am no basshead) for electronics. Fortunately, these offer the right bass for it XD

    As for amp, not sure about those that you listed as I have only came across 2 amp and they are iBasso D7 and Beyerdynamic A1! FiiO E10 is a good sub of D7 because I am sure it is better than D7! Hehe~ can't tell much about FiiO products as you know~ didnt get much listen for it XD

    [Pardon my typo, using a phone]
    Billson XD
  5. Sharkasm
    Thanks for your insight, looks like I'll be picking up a pair! :D

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