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Looking for a DAC to use with a new computer

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by dunkelbunt, Oct 5, 2012.
  1. Dunkelbunt
    I'm currently looking to buy a new pc so now would probably be a good time to find a DAC to go with my Stepdance/LCD 2's.
    Can someone reccomend some good low/mid budget DAC's please?
    I live in Switzerland so the selection is limited and importing can be complicated.
  2. HamilcarBarca
  3. Dunkelbunt
    Thanks for your suggestion.
    I have only been able to find one review of this DAC on headfi and it was semi favourable. They do ship to Switzerland but customs will probably add 1/3 to the price. Then again it's not easy to find such products locally.
  4. HamilcarBarca
    The ODAC is an open design available in finished form from several distributors. Isn't this a Swiss web site?
    There are more reviews on Head-Fi than the ones in the thread below.
  5. Dunkelbunt
  6. Dunkelbunt
    The shop of the website is actually located in the same area as I am. I should be able to swing by and pick one up. Great suggestion. Thanks again.
  7. HamilcarBarca
    I don't know anything about Head-N-HiFi, but they're one of the named distributors on the original engineer's blog.
    1. YoYoDyne Consulting ODAC Announcement (Canada)
    2. JDS Labs ODAC Announcement (USA)
    3. Epiphany Acoustics ODAC Announcement (UK)
    4. Head-N-HiFi ODAC Announcement (Switzerland)
    5. Audio Poutine ODAC Source (Canada Facebook Page)
    Good luck.
  8. Dunkelbunt
    I went by and picked one up today. Listening to it now. Works perfectly :)
  9. HamilcarBarca
    That's good news. Did you buy the ODAC or O2+ODAC?
    If you end up liking it, would you consider posting a short review?
  10. Dunkelbunt
    I bought the ODAC.
    I do like it but I'm probably not the right person to review it since I dont really have anything to compare it to.

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