Looking for a computer desk similar to this.
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Jun 22, 2001
I'm in the market for a computer desk, and these Jerker desks from Ikea look quite nice: minimalist, clean design, open design on the bottom, solid feel, enough space for everything. The only thing I don't like is that it is actually *too* big for me, especially in depth. I want something smaller, maybe 60cm deep or less. I like their Galant series, considering those.

Does anyone know of any desks similar to this styling, or any good sites to visit where I can browse for desks and office furniture?

I'm also getting curious about buying the legs from Ikea or somewhere, and then crafting a table top from a sheet of wood from Home Depot. So even ridiculously expensive desks are worth posting, as I may draw some inspiration from them.

Thank you!
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Uncle Erik

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Mar 18, 2006
I have a Jerker and think it is great. I have had the same thought as you regarding replacing the tabletop. I've done a bit of woodwork, and don't think it'd be much trouble at all to replace them with a nice furniture-grade plywood or maybe even a solid top.

Another option would be to just build your own. Your local hardware store should sell steel pipes, as well as cut them to length and thread them. This isn't terribly expensive, either. That will give you sturdy legs and you can thread them into floor flanges to easily screw them to a top you made. You can paint the legs as you want, and they will not look like they're from the hardware store. Personally, I think black wrinkle paint looks nifty.

If you want something interesting, go to a salvage yard and find an antique door to your liking. Add legs, then have your local glass shop cut a piece of glass to size and drop it on top. A few friends have done this and it looks great. Prices are comparable to store bought desks, as well.

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