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Mar 1, 2003
Hey guys,
I recently moved to a whole new place with only just my laptop and a trusty Ultrasone ED8 pair. Seriously, the place doesn't even have plates or cups, it is THAT empty. Still, before heading to IKEA, I feel the need to finally get my audio situation fixed.
What I'd like to do is, have a TV or projector, a couple of decent bookshelf passive speakers and amp (or two -really- good active ones while staying on budget), a DAC for the PC (preferrably portable, but I'm open to desktop solutions too), and a way for it all to communicate together through adjacent rooms. Oh, and of course, the ED8 (while not power hungry) should get the best amping as well.
The budget would be ~600[size=small]€ / 800$, not including the TV of course. An idea would be, 200[/size][size=small]€ for the speakers, 250[/size][size=small]€ for the DAC, 150[/size][size=small]€ for the amp. Can go a little further up if needed, and I would appreciate a suggestion of all those to communicate (pc, phones, speakers, TV). Is a NAS the only option?[/size]
I have been reading a lot and I've gathered some ideas, but I would kill for some fresh opinions guys. I've got some savings, help me invest them properly.
Thank you SO much for your time and for making this forum the bliss and pain-in-wallet it is.

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