Looking for a compact case for ES-49 earplugs...
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Apr 15, 2009
Howdy head-fiers! I finally took the plunge and got fit for custom earplugs to wear to concerts (I go to a lot of them). I'm looking for a hard case to put them in that is protective and secure, but small enough to put in a pocket easily or - ideally - attach to a keychain so I can't forget them. I've been looking at keychain pill fobs with screw-on tops, which would be perfect, but they all seem a bit too small.
I looked through a lot of threads about cases, but they are all for custom IEMs with cables and thus quite a bit larger than I need for just earplugs.
Any ideas?
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Didn't get much interest, but I'm just going to post this here in case someone else goes searching for it one day... after scouring the internet for all kinds of solutions, I decided to go with this one. It is actually a lipstick case. (For the manly types, you can get plain shiny-metal lipstick cases that aren't lipsticky in any way. I am as confused as you as to why lipstick needs a case when it already comes in a tube with a lid...) It has a soft, lined interior and it's just about the right size for my earplugs and some ear lube. It's a little bigger than I would like, but I couldn't find anything closer than this. It fits in my front pocket next to my wallet or phone pretty easily. And you can get them pretty cheap.


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