Looking for a balanced/flat pair of (sort of) portable closed-back headphones. Should I buy the ATH M70X and if not then what?
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May 17, 2015
I'm really considering buying the M70x, despite their price tag.
They just fit my criteria well for an all-round pair of headphone, that I can use for long hours at home, for walks and travelling.
They're HQ and flat, comfortable, closed-back(so don't leak and isolate outside sound(I like to get into my own head xd)) , they can be worn around my neck(not for looks, its just often practical), and can easily fit in my jacket pocket(with ease cause of the swivel) These headphones would be a perfect buy for me, but then there is the price. They look good and all, but I don't think they are 300USD good.
So are there any cheaper headphones you can recommend, that would still fit my criteria and have respectable sound?
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Jul 27, 2003
I see nobody had a better recommendation for you. I took the plunge because I tend to like really flat, accurate response and was in the market for some small powered speakers for the garage and Adorama was offering a bundle with the M70x and some PreSonus Ceres 4.5 speakers for $300.  The speakers retail for $200-250 so I figure I'm really getting the M70x for $100. 

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