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Looking for a ~$300 IEM for metal and neoclassical/neofolk

  1. Chziime
    THANK YOU for the advice. This is 15% off at AliExpress, so I might just stop thinking and buy it for $207 total (with expedited shipping). You really think I'll be happy with this over something like the Campfire Orion or Periodic Audio Beryllium with their warranties and US-based shipping?

    And black friday is even next week...! Ahh...
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  2. ohsigmachi
    I haven't listened to those two particular brands/models, so I can't speak in absolute terms; but I churned my way through all the regular players in the IEM market and stopped when I got the GR07s. I haven't even looked in recent months. I have no regrets.

    Speaking in pure economics, I don't think you will get a "return on investment" from paying more for those IEMs, but I'm just one data point.

    Me, personally, owning the TFZ King Pro and the GR07 Anni's is all I will ever need. I won't even peruse the IEM market unless one of those two break or gets destroyed.
  3. ohsigmachi
    Also, I HATE IEM designs like the Periodic Audio BE (speaking in the ergonomic sense). I used similar designs from Denon for years and once I got a set of IEMs with over ear chord routing I was just in awe. the Vsonic "wings" that route the chord over your ear take a little getting used to but they isolate and limit microphonics from the chord so well it is well worth it!!
  4. Chziime
    I'm sure they also help with stabilost, like while walking/biking with them on. Just bought, that KS again. I'll break them in with Mastodon in your honor.
  5. Chziime
    Sorry, one more question. How did you break these in?
  6. ohsigmachi
    I used a 50/50 mix of medium volume music listening (with the bass eq'd up) and the JLAB burn-in loop.
  7. PaganDL
    Hi @Chziime,

    Apologies for the delay in reply, if you're still looking, out of the list I suggested, for your requirements, in terms of value, I would pick either IT 01 or IT 04.

    Both are hard to beat in their respective price ranges.

    Also, head amps are a tricky thing to recommend as some are even more picky about those than IEMS.

    Overall, Fiio is a good choice though if you can still get the Oppo HA2/SE, that is a much better choice.

    Hope you have a great day !
  8. Chziime
    So I ended up with the VSonic G07 Anniversary Edition and love it, but after 3 months, it broke on me. I don't even believe I was harsh with them at all... they are usually in the protective case. The left speaker cuts in and out, and I'm certain the problem lies in the 3.5mm jack. VSonic offered to repair it for me, but they're in China and don't have a website, so it's a bit of a hassle.

    For the future... what's another solid, similarly priced/quality IEM that is based in America and has a solid build quality and warranty? Someone above mentioned the Campfire Orion. What about iBasso, are they reliable?
  9. PaganDL
    Hi @Chziime,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles with VSonic, have never used them so can't comment...

    The only IEMs brand which I have experience with US based but do not own...yet which has exceptional customer service & warranty is Periodic Audio, @dan wiggins will certainly help you if you run into any issues & quick to answer any customer service questions, etc.
    Personally & subjectively, as I am outside the US, the exchange rate sadly doesn't make it worth it for me to get any IEMs from Periodic Audio though hopefully one day soon that will change.

    What I can comment on is iBasso, their reliability & customer service is without question & in this humble person's opinion, is exceptional beyond the telling, @Paul - iBasso, frequents the headfi forum, especially the iBasso threads & is quick to respond to any queries one may have, be it issue or help, etc...
    Especially if you purchase directly from iBasso, you can be assured if any issues do occur, however, they will be resolved in short order.

    I have all their IEMs, in no particular order as I like them for different reasons, my favourites being the IT 01, IT 04 & IT 01s which all go on weekly rotation.
    So far, I have never had a serious or major issue with any of them.
    So as far as reliability goes, you will be more than covered.

    Hope you have a great day !
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
  10. Chziime
    Thank you for your thoughtful reply! The Periodic Audio Magnesium was actually what I had planned to buy before I got the VSonics.

    In short, what would you describe as the difference between those three iBassos (iBassi?)? Costing $100, $200, and $500?
  11. PaganDL

    No problem.

    Happy to help, @Chziime,

    Periodic Audio Magnesium is a nice choice but personally & subjectively, for your genre preferences, metal & neo classical folk which I tend to listen a lot of as well, Periodic Audio Beryllium would be a better choice.
    Be has a more full range, full bodied sound whereas Mg tends to have a more limiting range, particularly in the Highs & Lows but this is understandable given the difference in price but not necessarily a deteriment.
    On the Periodic Audio website, they have a IEM selection tool for genre preferences which they call a Selectron.
    It is fairly useful & accurate to a certain degree.

    Subjectively & personally, the differences or more accurately similarities between the 3 iBasso IEMs are as follows :

    IT 01 :
    - Single Graphene Full Range Dynamic Driver which in sound quality hits way above it's $ 100 pricepoint.
    - All frequencies are well covered & extended, true to source.
    - High Powered & easily gets loud without any distortion.
    - Exceptional Synergy with all Sources.

    IT 01s :
    - Single DINATT Full Range Dynamic Driver
    - All frequencies are well covered & extended, true to source.
    - Tuned to sit nicely sonically between IT 01 & IT 04.
    - High Powered & easily gets loud without any distortion.
    - Exceptional Synergy with all Sources.

    IT 04 :
    - Basically IT 01 but with additional Triple Balanced Armature Drivers.
    - Wide Spacious, Symphonic &/or Orchestral but simultaneously initmate sound.
    - High Powered & easily gets loud without any distortion.
    - Exceptional Synergy with all Sources.

    I also suggest looking at the dedicated threads on headfi on for each IEM as well to get other impressions aside from mine.
    I am a reasonably active on those threads too.
    But more than happy to help you answer more queries here as you have them.

    Hope this is useful.

    Hope you have a great day !
  12. Chziime
    Oh, the Beryliium is actually what I meant! I guess it has been a while since I did my research.

    I don't think I'm ready for (or can tell the difference to warrant the price) with a $500 IEM such as the IT 04, but the IT 01s, yes. Do you have any preference between the IT 01s and the PE Be for metal/folk/classical?
  13. zepmaj
    You can check out BGVP DM6. I do have GR07 BE too. But DM6 requiers some tip and cable rolling, and source dependent too. It might sound intense, it isn't an easy recommend for that reasons but metal suppose to be intense imho. Check out DM6 threat for more info.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
  14. Chziime
    Thanks! The BGVP DM6 seems great. But I found a set of PE Berylliums on Amazon for $200 new, the same price as the DM6 and $100 less than retail. Hm. I do want to try the DM6 for metal, but is the Beryllium any better for that simply because of the price point?
  15. luigicomencini
    I think the best IEM below 300$ (and 400$, 500$...) is MASSDROP PLUS (probably the same as Etymotic ER4XR)

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