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Looking for $150 headphone for vocal and jazz !!!!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tetracilin, Jul 27, 2011.
  1. tetracilin
    i'm looking for my first full-size for abt $150 for vocal and jazz
    Plz recommend some
    Thx a lot :D
  2. fabio-fi
    Whats your source? (where are you plugging them to)
  3. TakashiMiike
    HD580 if you have an amp. Grado Sr60i-225i if you don't.
  4. tetracilin
    My source is my Marantz cdplayer ( with an marantz intergrated amp too ) so i think i can deal with high impendance headphone
  5. fabio-fi
    Check the AD900's. They do well with vocals and Jazz.. A bit over your budget tho. 
  6. MalVeauX


    Grado SR225i is $170 shipped at Headphones.com right now with the July promo on `till the 31rst. It's a 15% off promo.
    See the info & links here: link (the links are below the video).
    That will take care of your jazz & vocals with gusto.
    Very best,
  7. kiteki
  8. Ikelmonster


    not for $150 though
  9. kiteki
    Oh, sorry.
    Hmm ATH-AD700, Sony ZX700 perhaps.
  10. Hayang
    HD558 or HD598.  You have my FULLEST recommendation for vocal and jazz, those are the kings of those genres.  Once you hear it you will never look elsewhere because the smooth warmth of those cans is just SO intimate and addicting.  Plus the soundstage may be the best under $400.
  11. tetracilin
    Thx for the recommend but a little bit over my budget thou. Gonna try hd558 and 598 ( thx hayang and takashi :) )

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