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Looking at HD598's but have AD700s

  1. themunce
    I have Audio Technica AD700s. Regarded as possibly the best set of cans for FPS games, and I have to say they have won me some matches. They're the best on CSGO.
    I been looking at getting something else, and always wanted to try Sennheiser's, so I been looking at HD598's. I'm also looking at a Schiit Magni amp as well. 
    Will the HD 598's be a big enough difference from the AD700's or give me a better experience? Maybe a bit more bass?
    Or should I go with a different set of cans that would provide a much better experience? Worried the HD598's won't be much different, and maybe thinking about something to get for single player games/movies. The only thing I can really complain about the AD700s is wanting a little more bass. Little more oomph. The amp might handle that though. Decisions, decisions.
  2. MrTechAgent
    598s will have a better extension in the bass , the overall energy in the treble will be less when compared to each other but still pretty good ....
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  3. Sam21
    going from AD700 to HD598 is more a sidegrade than an upgrade, if I were you I would buy the DT990 pro + O2/Magni .
  4. themunce
    Funny you should say that, I was looking at the DT 990s. There's so many different ones though. There's some "pro"s for $150 on amazon atm. Thinking I might just get the amp for now, and try it with the AD700s.
    Btw this is the sound card I had in my desktop. When I bought it, I think I got it for like 80 bucks.
  5. appsmarsterx
    IMO 598 is overpriced. why not just get a Fidelio X1,
  6. themunce
    havnt seen those before. They look really comfy. On my list. I just want a damn nice pair of headphones for a great gaming, music, movie experience. These seem like they will fit the bill, so definitely a nice recommendation there.
  7. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Hopefully you have disabled the motherboard's on-board audio? in the BIOS.
    I would say to buy the Schiit Magni (or Vali) headphone amplifier and plug it into the Ti-HD's (Titanium-HD) RCA output.
    The Ti-HD can output CMSS-3D headphone surround sound thru the RCA outputs and audio quality should be a little better.
    The DT990 Pro 250-Ohm are full bass & full treble which slightly over shadows the mids, but the mids are clear.
    The DT990 will provide a "movie theater" like type sound, you might find a good price on used, on eBay.
  8. themunce
    Oh I don't have the desktop anymore. I meant to say that was what I had and I guess trying to give some information on the sound experience I am going for. Of all the things I miss from my desktop, it's the sound.
    I think it had a built in amp or something bc it was crystal clear at all times on my AD700s. CMSS-3D was amazing in games that support it (CSGO, CoD.)
    What would you think of the Fidelio X1s appsmarsterx mentioned? Would they rank better?
  9. jodgey4
    X1's have a great soundstage and good imaging which makes them a great choice for gaming, as well as having enough bass to be immersive. The only problem is, IMHO, the bass is a little slow and muddy, and takes away from the gaming experience compared to some quicker/thinner sounding cans. DT990's would be a great choice too, except some find the treble to be fatiguing...
  10. willentrekin
    I don't know much about the 700s, but I've owned a pair of 598s for going on several years, and they're pretty great. They're my open cans; I also have a pair of AKG K271 MKIIs for closed. The Senns seem, to me, to have a wider stage and better imaging, while the MKIIs feel closer in terms of sound. To me, the 598s are almost effortless, though I do think they might benefit from being amped. That said, I use them without an amp (usually with my MBpro and Spotify or VBR iTunes) and I've never had a problem with them, nor wanted more from cans.
  11. themunce
    I've decided to get the X1's and I know this is kind of a stupid question, but what replacement cable should I get? Im getting a vmoda boom mic, but still want a straight cable for when I'm not gaming. Also, should I get an amp with them? Not that they need it, but would it fill them out better? Looking at getting a magni, and then a moda later.
    This whole thing has got me looking into tube amps too although maybe I should hold off on that lol.
  12. appsmarsterx
    Great. I think you ll love X1.
    the original cable is straight and braided. but original cable impedance is too high,  so get something like Mediabridge cable,
    using a better amp should definitely give you better results comparing with onboard Realtek.  but I'm sure they are quite capable with portable devices as well.
  13. themunce
    I have a macbook pro. Dunno what is in it. I had a Xi-fi Titanium HD. From what I understand, it had a DAC and amp on the card. Is that basically what I need to get, a DAC and AMP? Would the Astro Mixamp be considered a DAC/AMP combo? I would really like a 5.1 virtual surround DAC. I'm still kinda confused on the topic.
  14. appsmarsterx
    usually people use Astro Mixamp to get Dolby surround for their consoles.  with stereo mode you won't get rear sound clues. that's why you need a dsp algorithm like Dolby Headphone, CMSS.
    First I suggest you give X1 a try with your MacBook Pro. Later you can decide between an external soundcard or AMP/DAC.
  15. themunce
    What exactly could I expect with a Magni/modi setup? It's kind of hard not being able to sample anything.

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