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Looking at Apple rumors I noticed no more 3.5mm jack on the new iPhone 7

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ctsooner22, Feb 19, 2016.
  1. ctsooner22
    Here is the paragraph.  I'm trying to figure this out.  What will this mean IRT using our wired IEM's or cans on an iPhone7 going forward? I realize it says it will have a DA converter, but then you have to get it through Apple and it will suck.  Thoughts?????
    Multiple sources have reported that Apple will remove the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7 in favor of an all-in-one Lightning connector for audio output, charging, and connecting peripherals. The device would also expectedly support Bluetooth headphones, and a digital-to-audio adapter could allow use of wired headphones. 
  2. MPFit
    This would be very neat if you ask me. And could make for some better audio quality and broader aftermarket for DACs with lightning ports!
  3. tedmingo
    Bluetooth audio sucks, and I don't need another device to keep charged. Big fail Apple.
  4. MPFit
    I've never used BT audio. But if they did this my 5S phone would get aftermarket DACs for headphones! Without a great upgrade in the audio components I'd just keep what I have and get the DACs which would hit the market
  5. ctsooner22
    What it means is that you'd always have to use a DAC. That wl not be fun. Their Bluetooth isn't the best sounding so that's a non starter. You already can use an external DAC like mojo or the new audioquest red or black so you don't gain anything there either. I see it as a move to get most of their customers to have to buy their crappy DAC as they don't even know about after market DAC's.
  6. MPFit
    I would assume at some point lightning port headphones would be made. Possibly even with integrated DACs. I know it's a long shot and a while away but it's curious. I don't plan to upgrade. Maybe the LG G5 if the audio lives up to the hype down the road but I'm more or less interested in future phone audio as it makes for the ultimate in portable electronics
  7. ceiji

    There are already headphones with lightning port connectors. Audeze EL-8 platinums off the top of my head.
  8. ctsooner22
    My point is WHY be stuck with having to buy anything extra?  Why have to carry anything extra?  It defeats the reason many of us haven't bought a dedicated DAP.  What happens if Apple won't let you use your own external DAC/Amp with it?  heck they control many of the peripherals you can use with their devices.  To me, this is just not fair.  It could push me away from Apple and I've always been with them from day one.
  9. MPFit
    Fair enough. I'm an IEM guy. It's more of the fact that they may become more available. Not limited to a handful on the market...
  10. MPFit
    I get that buying extra is also a bust. I'm with Apple also but intrigued by the LG G5.. I'm not backing up the idea.. But instead of being closed minded to the idea- I'm more curious as to what offerings may come due to its implementation (which may or may not even happen)
  11. H20Fidelity Contributor
    It's because Apple purchased beats by dre, the entire headphone company. And they're going to turn you all into apple/beat robots. What better opportunity for the the most powerful phone company to take control of the famous beats brand and combine forces.
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  12. MPFit
    Conspiracy Theorists! I'm just in for the future of Portable Phone audio! I'll wait to see how the LG does, and maybe switch to Andriod. I've become accustomed to Apple, but I'm not faithful to anything except quality and portability at this point.
  13. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Soon there will be thousands of beats headphones with cheap ass built in DAC's that only connect to Apple devices, or iPhones in general.
  14. ctsooner22
    There already are DAC's u can use with the cck Lightning kit. I like the fact I can just plug in anytime I want. I also like to be able to use a top quality portable DAC amp whenever I want to just listen.
  15. MPFit
    Yea but that goes back to the problem of having to constantly buy extra. There are ultimately 2 ways to go: buy a Hifi Source / DAP.. Or buy accessories to help boost your phone into more of a hifi DAP. It seems like the phone industry is attempting an option 3; have your phone BE a quality DAP. Whether or not this is true, or if h2o is correct, and it's all a branding facade I dont know. But IF the LG proves top shelf, and IF the iPhone 7 proves to be better then I'm fine with that. I have no problem getting the CCK, but it's the same complaint you made of getting more items to convert.

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