Long time audiophile now getting into cans ...
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Dec 16, 2012
Hello!  I just bought some cans on here and have been getting serious lately about headphones, so thought it time to drop an intro thread.
I am an audiophile geek.  My main system is:
  1. Rega P2 turntable w/Al sub-platter, Technoweight, Incognito, sorb feet, delrin platter, wall shelf
  2. Denon DL-103R cartridge w/Paradox Al body
  3. Rega Apollo-R CD player
  4. iFi iLink
  5. Neko Audio D-100 mk2 DAC
  6. PassDIY Pearl 2 phono stage
  7. diyAudio Mezmerize preamp with integrated remote control, LCD display and Marsh headphone amp
  8. diyAudio Aleph-J amplifier
  9. Klipschorns w/ALK CSW crossovers
  10. APC H10 power conditioner
As far as headphones, I have had a set of SR60's for years and LOVED them!  I was going to get some RS1's but I was at AXPONA and had the pleasure of hearing the Oppo PM-2's.  A lot of hemming & hawing later, I just pulled the trigger on a set of GH1's as I truly do enjoy the "Grado sound".  
I also have a Bottlehead Crack w/Speedball on order and picked up a set of Crackheadphones here on the forum to play on that.  I apologize in advance, but I am NOT a Sennheiser fan!  They sound flat and lifeless to me.  Lots of detail but zero emotion, hence the Crackheadphones.
As soon as diyAudio releases the Pass headphone amp, I will probably pick up a board to build one of those eventually as well.
That's the 10,000 foot view and I look forward to interacting with y'all as I venture down this new path!
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Hello an welcome to Head-fi!
Judging by just the bit of text I read abobe, I'd say you probably would enjoy STAX Lambdas a lot! I'm not a Grado fan myself, but I know Grado fans who switched to electrostatics and were surprised in a positive way.
My own main system consists of the STAX SRS-4040 Signature system. My upgraditis vanished after the purchase of these headphones. The next step up is too expensive for now.

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