Long pause when navigating to head-fi.org when logged in
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Dec 8, 2010
This started happening about 2 weeks ago.
When I navigate to http://www.head-fi.org it takes 10ish seconds to load the page. When I click my Subscriptions button, it takes another 10 seconds.
It might seem small, but it's an annoyance when the pages should be loading instantaneously.
This only happens when I'm logged into my account. If I log out, head-fi goes back to instantly loading everything.
I've tried firefox/chrome/ie all browsers exhibit the same issue.
Did my account get marked or something, I can't really think of any other things it could be?
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In my usage, Huddler's subscriptions page, more specifically the activity section, has been deathly slow for quite some time. This started sometime last year.

This made subscriptions unusable for me. My old process for keeping up with threads was to load my profile page and view the stream there. However that only works with threads that I've posted on before.
I don't visit the site at all these days, but I'm curious if other people have been experiencing this, and whether they've found any workarounds.
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Same here, sometimes excruciatingly slow. I think in my case it's their connecting to optimizely.com all the time, which spoils the browsing experience for me.
Also, opting out of Optimizely doesn't work for HF in my case, or at least it works only for a short time. Next day I'm online, the same tediously slow connections are back again.

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Opting out like this? Well sure, when that cookie is reset/expired...
Have you tried blocking Optimizely on the hosts level, or using extensions like RequestPolicy/uMatrix (or just uMatrix if on Chrome)?
Page loads for anything other than subscriptions are fine for me here, but I am blocking everything other than first party requests and yui.yahooapis.com (otherwise the editor breaks). The subscriptions drag is there regardless of anything being blocked or not.
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