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Long Forgotton Rock Classics

Discussion in 'Music' started by happy camper, Nov 8, 2013.
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  1. Happy Camper
    I was over at a friend's house today for some wings and he pulls out Donovan's "Cosmic Wheels" CD. I'd not heard that in ages and aside from a few stinkers, there is some excellent cuts. It got me to thinking what other 60-70s classics you maybe pulled out and was impressively surprised at how good it was. Let's give some vintage rock besides the usual suspects.

    Donovan- Cosmic Wheels

    Side one
    "Cosmic Wheels" – 4:02
    "Earth Sign Man" – 3:56
    "Sleep" – 3:48
    "Maria Magenta" – 2:12
    "Wild Witch Lady" – 4:27

    Side two
    "The Music Makers" – 4:28
    "The Intergalactic Laxative" – 2:49
    "I Like You" – 5:18
    "Only the Blues" – 3:13
    "Appearances" – 3:44

    Favorites are and if you choose one, Music Makers
  2. Muinarc
    Wishbone Ash - Argus

    Seems to be a little underappreciated in the annals of Prog-rock history.

  3. bigshot
    The Move: Shazzam
    Back when Jeff Lynne had balls.
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  4. sonitus mirus
    Even Donovan's "stinkers" are not too bad. [​IMG]
    The 1968 debut album from Quicksilver Messenger Service, aptly using the band's name as the title, is really nice.  A bit of a Flying Burrito Brothers meets the Grateful Dead vibe.  I really enjoy "Dino's Song", and almost always have to replay it every time I hear it for the first time in a while.
    "Pride of Man" – 4:08 (Hamilton Camp)
    "Light Your Windows" – 2:38 (Gary Duncan, David Freiberg)
    "Dino's Song" – 3:08 (Dino Valenti)
    "Gold and Silver" – 6:43 (Gary Duncan, Steve Schuster)
    "It's Been Too Long" – 3:01 (Ron Polte)
    "The Fool" – 12:07 (Gary Duncan, David Freiberg)
  5. StratocasterMan
    Big Star - Third / Sister Lovers
    Big Star's third album. Recorded in 1974, but due to various record company issues, not released until 1978.
    Because of this, it is sometimes called, "Third," and sometimes called, "Sister Lovers," and the artwork differs.
    Quite easily one of the best albums of the '70s. Absolutely essential and fantastic. I can't recommend it enough! [​IMG]
  6. Happy Camper
    Cream- Disraeli Gears


    Side one
    1."Strange Brew" 2:46
    2."Sunshine of Your Love" 4:10
    3."World of Pain" 3:03
    4."Dance the Night Away" 3:34
    5."Blue Condition" 3:29
    Side two
    1."Tales of Brave Ulysses" 2:46
    2."SWLABR" 2:32
    3."We're Going Wrong" 3:26
    4."Outside Woman Blues" 2:24
    5."Take It Back" 3:05
    6."Mother's Lament" 1:47
  7. Tubagus
    Sunflower - The Beach boys
    My fave track - "Cool, cool Water"
  8. wuwhere Contributor
    Ballin'jack from Seattle. These guys were even friends with Jimi Hendrix who was born in Seattle.
    Even rapper Young MC sampled the first song "Found A Child" in his hit "Bust A Move".
    Their debut album
    1. Found A Child
    2. Super Highway
    3. Festival
    4. Telephone
    5. Only A Tear
    6. Never Let Em Say
    7. Street People
    8. Carnival
    9. Ballin The Jack
    10. Hold On
  9. vertical

    Yes. Thx for reminding me of Quicksilver.
    Great music!
  10. Happy Camper

    Side one
    "Ride The Sky" – 2:55
    "Everybody's Clown" – 6:12
    "Keep Goin'" – 5:26
    "Toxic Shadows" – 7:00

    Side two
    "Free Baby" – 5:28
    "Baby You're A Liar" – 3:55
    "In The Time Of Job When Mammon Was A Yippie" – 4:04
    "Lucifer's Friend" – 6:12
  11. bigshot
    Oh man! You just mentioned the band that most resembles Spinal Tap! Lucifer's Friend started out as a Deep Purple imitator, but every album after that changed until they were doing really bad jazz fusion. Lucifer's Friend is the funniest band ever. I still have all their albums and pull them out occasionally for a laugh. Not an iota of sincerity in any of their music!
    Is their debut album out on CD? I might actually buy it for yucks at my next party.
  12. Happy Camper


    "The Capital of Power" (Fritz) - 3:13
    "The School of Instant Pain" - 6:22
    "Proclamation" (Fritz, Bathelt)
    "The Gladiator's Song" (Fritz, Bathelt)
    "Roman Entertainment" (Fritz, Bathelt)
    "The Battle" (Fritz, Bathelt)
    "The Walls of Doom" (Fritz) - 3:57
    "The Deadly Dream of Freedom" (Köllen, Bathelt) - 3:54
    "The Hazy Shades of Dawn" (Fritz) - 3:09
    "The Burning Sword of Capua" (Fritz) - 2:41
    "The Sweetest Sound of Liberty" (Köllen, Bathelt) - 2:35
    "The March to the Eternal City" - 8:46
    "Dusty Road" (Fritz, Bathelt)
    "Italian Improvisation" (Fritz, Bathelt)
    "First Success" (Fritz, Bathelt)
    "Spartacus" - 7:39
    "The Superior Force of Rome" (Fritz, Bathelt)
    "A Broken Dream" (Fritz)
    "The Finale" (Fritz)
  13. bluzeboy
    Blue Cheer
    Vincebus Eruptum
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  14. sonitus mirus
    Yes, Blue Cheer was another great band that has become lost in the crowded late 60's to early 70's San Francisco blues/rock scene.  Some great music came out of the Bay Area during that time.  
  15. Happy Camper

    1. Prelude - Nothin' to Hide (3:43)
    2. Nature's Way (2:40)
    3. Animal Zoo (3:10)
    4. Love Has Found a Way (2:42)
    5. Why Can't I Be Free (1:05)
    6. Mr. Skin (4:01)
    7. Space Child (3:25)
    8. When I Touch You (5:37)
    9. Street Worm (3:43)
    10. Life Has Just Begun (3:29)
    11. Morning Will Come (2:50)
    12. Soldier (2:50)
    13. Rougher Road* (3:17)
    14. Animal Zoo* (3:10)
    15. Morning Will Come* (2:50)
    16. Red Light Roll On* (5:41)
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