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LOl at these guys

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by diceair, Dec 29, 2013.
  1. Diceair
    Hi there
    Ii had such a laugh. These guys say your onboard has better audio than a dedicated sound card

  2. GyroD
    Quote from  linustechtips:
  3. proton007
    The description posted above does make sense, partially.
    Firstly, the onboard sound is good enough for a small range of headphones. Secondly, the quality depends on the audio chip being used. Older motherboards and laptops tend to have poor audio chips, newer motherboards are considerably better.
    What it doesn't mention is that soundcards still provide a better (feature + performance) to (cost) ratio than any other device out there.
  4. Diceair
    Well I can bet for my HD598 my Sound Blaster Z is better than onboard
  5. Koloth
    Hate to say it.. but those guys are actually pretty f*ing ignorant...
  6. Diceair
    I bet you this guy will also say there is no diference between 60hz and 120hz when clearly there is..lol I think I will only check their case unboxing and so on. I must say neweggtv and Linustechtips is like the best to watch so far oh and also Jayztwocent as they are the only people that really knows anything.
  7. Arsis
    haha! nice 8-bit song they play. no you can't tell the difference on that Donkey Kong soundtrack ya tool bags.
  8. kraken2109
    It's interesting, I'd say 50% of what they say in those videos is BS.
    However I also think 50% of HeadFi is BS.
    They had 2 arguments about soundcards:
    1. High output inpedance - AFAIK that is an issues with some (e.g. that xonar they used) but not all
    2. Dodgy drivers - This is again not true all the time, but sometimes true
    Then they recommend external DACs instead, which is pretty much what most people on HeadFi would use anyway, so they're not that crazy.
    My main issues with the second video was simple mistakes when speaking e.g.
    1. Saying kHz instead of Hz
    2. Saying 92kHz instead of 96kHz and general number mistakes
    3. Not actually mentioning Nyquist to explain what sampling rate is
    4. Not actually saying what bit depth is
    Really if they were trying to educate instead of bash they did a bad job by appearing generally misinformed - I'm 19 and happily believe I know more about this than they do.
  9. appsmarsterx
    well.. I wouldn't jump into conclusions about the percentage statistics of a enthusiast community forum, audio is a very subjective topic where people have lots of subjective opinions depends on their personal preferences . 

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