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Logitech UE 9000 or Sennheiser HD 598 or something else??

  1. kshitijgandhi
    Hi, I'm new here.
    I've been reading through these forums for quiet some time now.
    I want to upgrade my Klipsch Image S4 earbuds - I think they're still nice.
    So in India I am looking at a range of 12,000 - 16,000 INR or something like 200-250$.
    I like the Logitech UE 9000 for their many features - the list doesn't end - but primarily they have bluetooth aptx support.
    Also, in these forums I've read a lot of praises for the Sennheiser  HD598.
    So, in terms of sound I'm pretty sure the HD 598 must be better, but, upgrading over Klipsch Image s4 will I notice that much difference between the two???
    I'll be mostly listening to them on HTC One X or maybe another HTC phone in the future - I think HTC has better sound than most other phones.
    Portability, wireless in the UE 9000 is definitely a big plus for me.
    Suggestions - which one should I go for??
    Also, I've heard a lot about the ATH M50???
    Any other models that are available on the ollowing websites?? Bose quite comfort 15??
    Waiting for the responses!
    Thank You! for all help! Really Appreciated!
  2. Me x3
    If you want some isolation you should consider SoundMagic HP100
    If not, then Sennheiser HD598, Sony MDR MA900 and AudioTechnica AD900x are solid picks.
    Best Luck!
  3. Sam21
    Why not an A700x ? it kicks the crap out of HP100/200 ...
  4. kshitijgandhi
    Sony MDR MA900, Soundmagic HP100, AT AD900x - none of these are available where I live :frowning2:
    Only Sennheiser is available.
    A700x is available & for a lower price than the sennheiser - but I prefer the looks of sennheiser :wink: Also, I've owned another pair of sennheisers - HD 230 I think. I really liked their sound.
    Also, any comparisons or comments on Logitech UE 9000??? I really appreciate its features - Bluetooth with APT-X, inbuilt amp etc.
    Also, the HD598 come only with a VEERRYYY long cable which needs a 3.5mm adapter - I will be always needing the adapter then - thats a bit of a minus point for me.
  5. zunehdrocks
    Polk audio ultrafocus 8000
    Nad viso hp50
    kshitijgandhi likes this.
  6. kshitijgandhi
    Saw amazing reviews for the NAD Viso sadly they are no available anywhere :frowning2:
    I really wish the were available here in India - would have definitely bought them!
    Guess I'll probably go for the HD 598...
  7. Mshenay Contributor
    Actually, I really like the UE 6000, which is the same as the UE 9000 minus the Blue Tooth, the UE 6000 isolated very well as well, there for I think you'd be pretty happy with the UE 9000 
  8. Sam21
    out of the headphones you have considered the M50 and the HD598 are the best , but they sound different ... for music I would choose the M50, for gaming and critical listening I would choose the HD598.
    I own the HD598 and it barely needs an amp. I think your HTC would be able to drive them though they benefit from an amp.
    Also consider the CAL!2 , it has bass soundstage and portability but isolation is okish...
  9. zunehdrocks
    There's also the Yamaha pro500 .

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