LOD to 3.5 3dmodel
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Dec 21, 2006
I was bored tonight and decided since I dont have the parts here yet to build my mini3 then id build it in 3d to get an idea of how it will look. I saw that I'm going to need a source cable. I opted for LOD to 3.5, I got a design, but I'm not sure how I can go about getting it built. (IE) who to contact, how one goes about doing that. I honestly dont feel like getting into cable building, though it does look rewarding and fun. The amp will be enough for me for now. Here is the basic design I came up with, gold color is just there for contrast) Id basically just like to know what a custom cable might run me.

BTW I hope this topic is ok.. I couldnt decide if it belonged in your for sale section or not as a WTB. So feel free to move this where it belongs.
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Where's the best place to get bare ipod connectors for DIY lods? Preferably somewhere that ships to the EU (UK!)

edit: nvm! Qables!
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PM Qusp, he's your man for this,

yep, he seems to really know his stuff.
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Yes but also has experience with this exact type of cable, ie side exit. Good luck, also with the Mini3. It's a sweet amp (see my sig!).

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