LOD + AMP for Ipod Classic
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Mar 7, 2009
It'd be wonderful if you guys could recommend me a good LOD and AMP combo for Ipod Classic 160Gb 7th Gen and Audio Technica AD900 cans. I don't want to overpay for something I'm not going to hear with this rig, but I'd like to get close to the best experience possible. My budget is around 300-350$ for both LOD and AMP, but I'd gladly pay less
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qusp makes some amazing LODs, as does compicat. compicat usually sells his LODs in the FS section of this site, and on eBay too.

I haven't heard those cans, so I can't recommend an amp, sorry.
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Whiplash Micro Elite SCSCag LOD is the best LOD I've used to date. In addition to the clean, strong signal it produces, it is very small and looks amazing with the Viablue 3.5mm connector.
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Whiplash ones look good. I notice they are one of the most popular on head-fi.

Comon guys, at least in theory what amp will sound good with AD900 or generally a great sounding portable amp improving any cans. Seems AD900s are not popular here at all.
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HP out from an ipod is pretty bad - so LOD should really be considered if your going to be using an amp... what about RSA amps? they seem to be highly regarded and with the new shadow, there have been lots of previous tomahawks and mustangs showing up in the FS forums.
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What is an LOD? What is a simple IC? What is HP out? Sorry, but I'm new to this, and if I don't ask, I'll never know.

LOD = line out dock
IC = interconnect
HP out = headphone out
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With that budget, I'll recommend getting a Mustang from the for sale forum and a ALO Lod from the for sale forum also. I have seen a few Mustang up for sale from people wanted to upgrade to Shadow.
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Get some kind of silver-plated/coated copper line-out dock and a Minibox-E+ and be done with it.
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Minibox-E+ is a great amp. I like the iBasso D3+ better because you have a lot of options rolling opamps to get different sounds. I have the Shadow and its great but its out of the price range he's looking for.

I still think the Whiplash Elite SCSCag LOD is one of the best bang for the buck deals out there. Where else can you get Cryo SCSCag with a Viablue for less than $90?
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Sendstation and airhead/bithead?

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