LKS Audio MH-DA003

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by nostoy, Dec 4, 2014.
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  1. Whitigir
    Isn't Wima good enough?
  2. guneyt
    I do not know.. I am also looking for the answer to this..:)

    please take a look at Lampizator Golden Gate dac..He wrote
    "Digital input SPDIF capacitor is Jupiter Wax Copper 100nF or Mundorf Silver Oil Supreme"

    I would easily pull the trigger for Jupiter copper if it was cheap..
  3. b0bb
    The WIMA cap is the DC blocking capacitor for Murata SPDIF transformer.

    SPDIF operates between 1.5MHz (44k sampling) and 10MHz (192k sampling), the WIMA is in series with the signal and the transmission loss thru that cap will affect the shape digital pulse train.

    This in-turn determines the clock extraction accuracy from the SPDIF stream and the final jitter performance.

    The key parameter here is the dissipation factor between 1MHz and 10MHz. Most reputable cap manufacturers like WIMA provide some data usually up to 100kHz, this is not ideal but is better than nothing at all.

    You should ask the makers of the caps you interested in to see if they can provide that info.
  4. guneyt
    Thank you for your prompt reply b0bb.
  5. Tomus4

    Is anybody who replaced NICHICON FG 47uF/50V around the opas to the another Electrolytic Capacitor like:
    - Elna Silmic II - 220uF 25V suggested by Burson
    - Black Gate Standard Type - I found in the network 100uF 50V
    Is it sense to do this exercise?

    Next question is about RCA output caps.
    b0bb sugest to replaced it by the Blue 63V 0.033uF/33nF 1% polypropylene is from EVOX/Rifa and I did this
    Is anybody who replaced it by the one of HiEnd capacitor example V-Cap CuTF or another Copper Foil Capacitors like ?

    What about replacing RCA output resistors?
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2017
  6. rafabro
    Nichicon FG it's always good to replace. Harsh sounding caps...
  7. Tomus4
    What to choose/check?
  8. rafabro
    Chemicon LXV , Elna Silmic II definitely worth to try
  9. Tomus4
    Thank you. What do you thing about Nippon kme/sme? It is the same manufacturer as Chemicon LXV, isn't it?
  10. rafabro
  11. guneyt
    b0bb, what do you think about the de-couplings of the balanced out section on mh-da002 ? There are two Nichicon Gold electrolytics not like films seen on mh-da003 (design is also slightly different) If I'm not wrong you have already replaced those caps with polystyrene ones. Do you have any idea for upgrading Golds ?
  12. b0bb
    The polystyrene caps on the 003 is for the final stage analog filter.
    003 uses Panasonic FMs not the Nichicon FGs for power supply bypass, post a picture of the 002 and indicate the caps you wish to replace.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2017
  13. Lennym
    Looking for an AC current line conditioner or regenerator specifically in front of my LKS 004. Anyone have success with a 110 Volt unit?
  14. guneyt
    H, I'm talking about the low pass filter caps (C10, C11) on the schematic of 003 shared on post #210.
    Filter design of 002 looks like slightly different C9 not available.. There are two caps (47uf Nichicon FG) on the positions of C10 & 11
  15. guneyt
    one more question about the bypass caps of op-amps power rail. Have you tried a single xr7 ceramic on that films no electrolytics only a ceramic ?
    Take a closer look to Reimyo 777 dac.. one of the best I have ever heard. it uses a ceramic only. I have Sonic Imagery 994 op-amps on IV and rca buffer.. According to Sonic, power rail bypass caps should be used with adding a small resistance.. I have had troubles many time with film, tantalum or low esr electrolytic located so closely after regulator without adding resistance. they are oscilating.. only with a reasonable distance (say min 8-10cm) they are getting fine.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2017
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