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Little Dot X1 - Info and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by pr0ggy, Oct 15, 2015.
  1. pr0ggy
    Started searching for balanced options for my HD600s, stumbled across this new offering from LD.  Didn't see a thread, decided to start one!
    From the official product page:
    Would be very interested to hear if anyone has heard the unit at a meet or took the early plunge and would care to offer some impressions!
  2. Buyer no 1
    Almost a year since this thread was started. Are there really no one who's had the opportunity to listen to this amp?
    A search on "Little Dot X1" on this site, does not seem to give much...
  3. Mobiustereo
    Wow, two years later and still no one has ever pulled the trigger and bought one of these?! C'mon, SOMEONE out there has heard this....? Based on my favorable impressions of their 'giant killer' Mk-VI+, this also seems to certainly have the potential to pound the snot out of anything near this price range. Bueller?? BUELLER?!?.... Anyone?? ...hellooooo......
  4. Dnguyen926
    Has anyone dared pull the trigger and try out this amp yet?
  5. eserafinojr
    I own it. It is a FANTASTIC amp. Got mine with upgrade caps from LD factory, sounds incredible.

    I'm shocked nobody else has own. This amp is really, really good folks.

    I was able to get a protoype of their 500W Power Conditioner as well and have my X1 and MK6+ in a tri stack. Looks sweet and sounds even sweeter.

    Anyone else out there own the X1??
  6. Dnguyen926
    WOW after all these years. Can you give us some impression and details please?! I was going to get the amp as a trade but decided against it due to lack of information.
  7. eserafinojr
    I've had it for about a year and a half. It's just a top flight amp in every respect.

    Tons of power it will literally drive any headphone with ease. Lots of power and slam. But it has this very analog feel to it. It doesn't sound analytical or digital at all.

    I have it hooked up to my PS Audio DirectStream and it's an amazing combo. Plus the custom Little Dot 500W Power Conditioner provides a deep black background that the music just effortlessly fills in.

    This amp is basically the solid state version of the MK6, thruthfully it sounds a more "accurate" than the MK6. It has outstanding extension in the audio spectrum.

    The amp is beautiful, it looks awesome and is high quality. It's pretty heavy too.

    I highly recommend the X1. Worth every penny.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2018
  8. eserafinojr

    Heres a pic of the Little Dot X1 and LDP500, a custom 110V version I was able to get from the Factory as LD wouldn't sell it to me state side. Don't know why it's an amazing pairing. Their Power Conditioners are great, talked about a lot on Chinese forums... used Google translate to read it.

    I get very lousy inconsistent voltage in NJ with lots of voltage drops so this thing helps a lot purifying the power.

    MK6 is cropped out sits on top of the X1.

    The X1 has a phase inverter and will convert SE to balanced and vice versa.

    X1 pairs amazing with anything from Grados to Planars, it will drive the K1000 no problem. I leave mine on the low gain setting as I use it mostly with my Grados and the R10.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2018

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