Little dot vs Caylin HA-1A ?
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Oct 7, 2015
I'm new here [cool site] and I'm giving up my search for a good int tube amp for HP & Speakers - They don't seem to be easy to find.
I was looking for int amp that used the same power source for HP as speakers- If they were found - $$$
Any way the Little dot  vs the Caylin   any owners that can send some feedback 
I'm using Senn HD650  with NAD  - CD player as source - not streaming anything 
This is a bedroom set up , I have a listening room in basement with other equipment 
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My bedroom set-up is Little Dot with HD650 and HD600, depending on what music I listen to. Source is a Nuforce iDo as DAC. The Little Dot is great for the HD's. Enough power and great for tube rolling, too.

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Thanks , looks like a simple to the point amp .. I listen to Jazz for the most part but enjoy a variety of music .
I'm using the SS NAD receiver now & I have to say it's pretty nice .  Ihope the tube HP AMP IS BETTER 

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