Little Dot MKIV se-- questions re: problems
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Jul 14, 2006
Hello to all,

Some months ago I purchased a Little MKIVse from the classifieds here. I love the sound of the amp, the price/performance ratio is for my ears terrrific.


When I first got the amp, a crackling/hissing appeared in a short time in the right channel. Got on the Little Dot website. Was advised by David from Little Dot that I could send it back, they would transfer warranty coverage and fix it for me.

This was evidently an earlier MKIVse which needed a redesigned circuit board to fix varying voltages from the power tubes.

Got the amp back, settled in to listen. A week or two later it started to crackle again. This time I reversed position of the power tubes and it appeared that I had a bad power tube (6H30PI). Ordered a pair of Sovteks and installed. In a short time, the amp started to crackle again, I reversed the power tubes again and thought I must have gotten a bad tube. So I just bought another one and the crackling might have improved, but is still there.

Maybe I am slow to catch on as to what the real problem is. Should I just ditch this amp? I DON'T want to spend another $100+ to ship it back to China for another fix.

Thanks for any help.
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Oct 8, 2006
OMG Sal! Seriously???

This amplifier was MINE before Say3true and before me the original owner was TheMarchingMule.

Neither of us kept it around long because both of us went electrostatic shortly after.

I can't believe all the issues it is giving you... I kinda want to say "hallelujah" that I didn't get any of the problems, but I still feel horrible that my hands were on it before!

With how much you have been through.. I don't know what I would do in your position. Give little dot the benefit one more time?? China sure the helk is far away and another reason why I am trying to buy things from the good ole usa.

Best of luck Sal! So sorry for your problems!

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