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Little Dot MKIII with extra tubes and tube options for tube rolling fun!

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  1. Acapella11
    Selling my beloved Little Dot MKIII after two and a half years to tube rolling fun due to an upgrade. The MKIII sound superb for its money and sound quality can be massively improved by rolling high quality tubes, as can be seen in the Little Dot Tube Amps: Vacuum Tube Rolling Guide.

    Of course, the amp is in perfect working order and and otherwise very good cosmetic condition, see pictures.

    The amp comes with upgraded driver tubes and the original power tubes:
    Driver: GE JAN 5654W (military grade 5654 tubes from GE)
    Power: original 6N6P

    Additionally, for tube rolling fun, some tubes from my stash are included:
    - the well known Voshkod 6ZHP-1 EV from 11-1975 (!)
    - Mullard M8083/CV4014  (EF91)
    - the very nice Tung Sol 6485 (6AH6)

    The price includes shipping for UK, for continental Europe, please add £22.00.

    Price dropped. The price is firm now, I paid $95 for the upgrade tubes in this deal!

    If you are interested in more tube upgrades, others can be included:
    Driver tube upgrades:
    - RCA 6DT6A, + £10.00
    - Valvo EH90 FAVC + £10.00
    - Sylvania JAN 5750 6BE6 heptode +£10.00
    Power tube upgrades:
    - 6N6P-I (08-1987) + £8.00
    - Sovtek 6H30P-EV (improved 6H30P) + £25.00
    - 6N6P-IR 1974 (!)+ £25.00, these are very nice

    Besides, this comes hassle free with respect to customs, it is also going to be shipped quickly and you save the shipping fees for all tubes included in the deal. If you are interested in more tubes, please write me a PM.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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