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Little Dot MKIII Tube Rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by rogerb, Dec 18, 2007.
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  1. foreign
    I just purchased the little dot mk3 to pair with my hd650's. I never got a chance to audition the tube amp so I'm hoping I made the right choice. For the small price of an introductory tube amp I think I can't go wrong? I hope anyway can't wait to start listening to it and change tubes if necessary to get the sound I'm chasing. How does the little dot perform on lower ohm set of cans?
    Little Dot Tube Amps: Vacuum Tube Rolling Guide                              this is the thread you want to go to the tube rolling guide if you want to try tubes page 77 is the page you need to have all kinds of different family of tubes and stuff to read plus very knowledgeable guys that know there tubes personnally with the mk3 i use Denons d-5000 which are 25 ohms  and 300 ohms Senns hd800 both i like with the littledot it sounds goods so hope to see you there. 
  3. derbigpr
    Is it normal for MKIII to pop loudly when plugging in the headphones, or when turning it on while headphones are plugged in?  Nearly gave me a heart attack when I turned on the amp with T1's plugged in, I was sure the drivers are fried. Luckily, nothing happened, but I'm not plugging my headphones back into this heap of metal until I get a confirmation its normal.
  4. loose
    I have just bought a little dot mk3 and looking to get the mullard m8161 tubes but how many tubes do I need as the amp has 4 stock tubes?

    Would I need to replace the 4 stock tubes with 4 m8161 tubes or would I just need to replace one pair?

    Thanks in advance
    On the mk3 the bigger tubes in the back are called POWER tubes and the smaller ones in front are called DRIVER tubes if you want to upgrade your power tubes there is not to many choices but the better ones are the 6N6P iR AND ELECTRO HARMONIX 6H30Pi EH GOLD PIN they go for about $35.00 each or SOVTEK 6H30Pi EB .But for the driver tubes there is a wide choice of tubes i will give you the link to the tube rolling guide. On page 1 of the guide you will find all the regular driver tubes in the EF95 and EF91-92 family of tubes and remember it is best to have a matched pair of power tubes but dont waist your money on matched pairs of driver tubes it is not necessary. there is also on page 77 all new kinds of tubes these are the tubes i use because they are alot cheaper than the regular tubes and sound better so before you buy your 8161 tubes that probably cost $15.00 + each check this link out .to give you an example i just bought 8 tubes including shipping for $20.00 if you have questions i will be more than happy to help you or others guys on the thread see you there Little Dot Tube Amps: Vacuum Tube Rolling Guide   
  6. loose
    Thanks for that explanation mikelap.

    What I don't understand from what you have explained is that if there is no need for matching pairs of Driver tubes then if I buy a new tube (just one tube) and replace one of my stock driver tubes then how would the ld amp choose which driver tube to use as they both will have different sound?

    Or will it mesh the sound of both driver tubes together?

    Wouldn't this mess the sound up, in other words wouldnt you need to use driver tubes in pairs to create the sound you require from the tubes?

    Thanks in advance.
    What i mean by matching is that matched pairs are measured electronicaly and they have to fall whithin a certain percentage of each other to be called a matched pair . the littedot doesnt choose which driver tubes to use the thing is that theres a left channel and a right channel 1 power tube and 1 driver tube per channel .. If you have drivers with same number (for example 6ak5 tubes) but from 2 different companys there might be suttle difference but not  night and day difference its better to buy a pair from same company but if you absolutly need 1 tube try to macht it to the one you have at least same company. Any more questions feel free .
  8. loose

    Can you please link me to the post which advises where to get the cheap tubes you mention as I can't find it?
    Theres no special place to get them just go on ebay and write down the tubes number you are looking for ,also page 77 of the link above of the tube rolling guide is your bible you might say all the recent new tubes guys found recently are there. here are a few good ones 6AU6 familys and alternative names  6485, 6AH6,8425 , 6cb6 family 6BE6 6CS6 6BY6 FAMILIES again page 77 go to link above  all you need to know is there and which settings you need to put the jumpers on or there is an alternative ways of switching FAMILY OF TUBES whitout changing the jumpers in the littledot we just use a very small wire that we insert in certain holes where the tubes go .by the way which version of the mk3 do you 1.0 or 2.0 version to check unplug your amp look under top part right side heres a picture this is a version v1.0 you should see v2.0 because with v1.0 theres power tubes you cant use like the 6h30piSo you have some reading do it seems have fun .        900x900px-LL-ff728275_287558777_o.jpg
  10. loose
    I haven't had a chance to check version, will have a go when I get home.

    I am not sure if I have been changing the gain correctly as I have been reading that you dip two switches to change the gain but the amp has two holes both of which have 2 switches which makes a total of 4 switches?

    Do you have to dip all 4 switches to change the gain?
  12. foreign
    Good chart thanks for the info :)
  13. loose
    Well I have had a look and it says little dot mark iii version 4.....can that be right?
    How is it written  it should be like this LITTLEDOT MK3 V2.0 in another post someone else also said they had a version 4 could it be you see this V1.0  and think its this  IV  roman numeral. Let me know
  15. Jd007
    yes this could be right as they are on the 4th revision (latest revision). i talked to david who confirmed (mine is v4 as well, purchased in june). their first revision used jumpers for tube rolling selection, then they switched to switches for v2, and switched back to jumpers on the v4s (not sure about v3). this all came from david so its official
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