Little Dot Mk III noob question
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Dec 24, 2007
Like many of you I own a Little Dot MkIII, I have mine since about 5 days. I got excited about this little amp, since I read so many positive reviews about it here. Well, David has been the perfect gentleman in answering all my questions, the amp was shipped and about 4 days later was delivered to my office in the Netherlands where I live.
I am not an experienced Headfier, far from it, my listening experience limits itself to Ming Da MC66-AE, Bada PH-12 and now Little Dot MkIII. I do not have many headphones, I own a Sennheiser HD565 and a cheap HD212. The 565 is waiting for a new headband, so for the time being I am using the HD212. Despite them being cheap headphones, I am hearing things from my LD I have not yet heard before, especially older CD's that are often better recorded and mixed than current CD's contain so much detail, that I sometimes find myself concentrating on all the detail I hear that I forget about the music I am listening to, sounds familiar?
My LD was dead quit from the start, no hiss, no hum, nothing and I was pleasantly surprised by its sound straight from the box, I have it connected to a Pioneer PD-S707 CD player over a Zhaolu 2.5 DAC.
So one very happy owner that is looking forward to trying his HD565 on LD. So all's well? Almost.
Although David reassured me that it has never happened before, I am wondering what will happen if one of the coupling caps dies when I am listening. Paranoia? Maybe, but still from time to time that thought enters my mind and I wonder, are there any tell tales that a cap is dying? Do you hear it coming? I would not like a big BANG on my headphones when I am listening.
So maybe I am overly concerned, but opinons on this are appreciated.
But apart from my one question I am more than satisfied with my Little Dot Mk III and can only highly recommend it, I doubt that you will find a better amp for the money.
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Sep 1, 2011
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