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Little Dot Long-Term Reliability Data Collection Thread: What Have You Experienced?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mypants, Aug 4, 2016.
  1. MyPants
    I recently purchased a Little Dot MKII and am absolutely loving it. The one thing nagging at the back of my mind is, "When is this thing going to die?" Call it old biases, but this is still a sub-$200 OTL from China. Getting to the point, I can't seem to find any significant discussion of Little Dot reliability here on Head-Fi, so let's gather some data.
    If you own or have owned any Little Dot amp, please post:
    -the model
    -roughly how long you've owned it
    -any issues that have developed throughout your ownership
    -whether or not it still works. (If your Little Dot died, please give any information you have regarding the failure mode.)
    If we get enough responses, I will aggregate the data and update this post with a chart showing failure rates by model line and time-to-failure.
  2. Win0ver
    -Little dot II (not MKII)
    -Within a year one of the tubes started making a buzzing sound on the right channel.
    -After moving to a new place, when I plugged it in it started making a pretty loud noise. Smelt like burnt plastic and stopped working altogether after 2 years of ownership. Did not bother to try and repair.
  3. MyPants
    Interesting. I'm assuming the II preceded the II+? Did you ever replace the buzzing tube to determine if the buzz was from a failing tube or the unit itself?
  4. Win0ver
    Yes, the II preceded the II+. I swapped the tubes and the buzzing switched channel. I replaced the tube at some point.

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