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Little Dot I+ Tube Rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mapstec, Sep 16, 2008.
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  1. i luvmusic 2
    I think it's going to be a problem if you used a wooden type of box for the LD 1 IMO the Chassis for the LD 1 is part of the Heat sink.So i think i'm going to use a 1000 LBS. Aluminum Block and carve the LD inside it.[​IMG]
  2. i luvmusic 2
    These might be the future chassis for my LD 1.
    DSC_3192.jpg DSC_3191.jpg
  3. i luvmusic 2
    Transfered LD 1 inside these Chassis.
    The chassis is made out of recycled aluminum and wood the volume knob is recycled from old amp ,I can't decide if i need to paint it or just polish/sand the aluminum.
  4. JoeDoe

    Some LD Yugo love for everyone!
  5. i luvmusic 2
     I've changed the volume knob for LD 1 with a bigger knob and now it's very easy to adjust the volume where i want it or should i say  the POT is more accurate.
  6. boombobby289
    May I know if there is any different among these OpAmps:  

    MC33078 (stock OpAmp in Little Dot 1+)
    Because when searching on eBay, I only can find either MC33078P or MC33078N.
  7. Solrighal
    I was here a couple of months back looking to pair this amp with my Q701. The general consensus was that they didn't pair well. I left.

    Now I'm back again and I've added the HD 650 to my armoury. How does the amp pair with the HD 650? If it can be made to work what valves would I need?

  8. gibosi
    It would be great to see a picture, and if you could tell us the size and where we could buy one like it (as I think you simply recycled a knob from another amp?) that would be even better! :)
  9. i luvmusic 2
    Hi gibosi,
        The knob was just recycled/pulled out from another amp and it is 48mm in diamiter and it's for D type Pot. shaft i simply break off the tab from the knob and push it in the LD Pot shaft just keep on pushing it in slowly until it seat on the LD shaft take your time doing this or you can used a drill and a drill bit to inlarge the shaft hole from the knob.IMO it is very easy to find the point where you want the volume level with this knob.Back then with the stock knob one slight turn and it's already loud with the big knob i need to turn the knob a bit further up to get the volume. 
  10. gibosi
    It looks great! However, I had forgotten that you have stuffed your LD into a larger case. I don't think we can use a replacement knob this big. The front panel of the LD 1+ is only about 40mm tall, so I would have to put the amp up on stilts to use 48mm. lol :)
  11. i luvmusic 2
    Another thing to consider is your LD 1 pot shaft it could be too tight that is why it's a bit hard to control the volume i noticed this with my amp before i transplanted it to the bigger chassis.try to loosen the shaft nut and see if it changes.
  12. ryencoke
    My first tube amp is on the way. The LD I+ seems great from all that I've read about it. The real test will be to listen to it, but that's going to take a few weeks before it arrives. Hopefully it plays nice with the low impedance NAD HP50 and a HiFimeDIY Sabre USB DAC.
    And I'm already preparing for opamp and tube rolling! For opamps: LT1364 and MUSES02 are ordered.
    For tubes, so far: GE 6HM5. Also thinking about Mullard M8161 or Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV, but so expensive.
  13. gibosi
    While the Mullard is often expensive, the Voskhods are not:
    I bought two pair from this vendor:
    $3 / pair, plus $12 shipping to the US. Incidentally, buying "matched" driver tubes for any of the LD's would be a huge waste of money.
    Note: 6ZH1P-EV = 6J1P-EV. And what is important is the "EV" which signifies the highest quality Russian tubes.
  14. ryencoke
    In the hours spent reading the LD tube rolling threads I missed this :)
    Thanks a lot!
  15. boombobby289
    What is the sound characteristic of  OpAmp  LT1364CN8?
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